Audit stored procedures by Time data

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 Use [Edushi_zixun]GO/** * * * object:storedprocedure [dbo].    [Proc_zx_checkimportdatabyhour] Script date:12/11/2015 13:53:18 * * * * **/SETAnsi_nulls onGOSETQuoted_identifier onGOALTER PROC [dbo].[Proc_zx_checkimportdatabyhour]@CityCode varchar( -) asBegin        --Store a list of posts under the current city    Declare @Temp_IaIdByCity Table(IaIdint    )    Delete  from @Temp_IaIdByCity         --Store A list of answer records under a post    Declare @Temp_IacIdByIaid Table(Iacidint    )    Delete  from @Temp_IacIdByIaid         Declare @importCount int = -    Select @importCount=ISNull(Num,1) fromZxchecknumbyhourWhereH=DatePart(HOUR,GetDate()) andCitycode=@CityCode        IF(@importCount<=0)    Begin        return; End        --set the number of strips obtained    SET ROWCOUNT @importCount    --get @importcount posts in the current city into table variables    Insert  into @Temp_IaIdByCity     Selectia_id frominfoarticleWhereIa_state=0  andIa_isimport=1  andIa_citycode=@CityCode    Order  by NEWID()     SET ROWCOUNT 0            Declare @NowTime datetime,@randomTime datetime,@startTime datetime,@endTime datetime    --an hour ago.    Set @NowTime=DateAdd(HH,-1,GETDATE())            Set @startTime=Convert(datetime,Convert(varchar, Year(@NowTime))+'-'+Convert(varchar,Month(@NowTime))+'-'+Convert(varchar, Day(@NowTime))+' '+Convert(varchar,DatePart(Hour,@NowTime))+': 0:0')    Set @randomTime=@startTime    --Current Time    Set @endTime=GETDATE()    Declare @CountByType int    Set @CountByType=0    Select @CountByType=COUNT(1) from @Temp_IaIdByCity                        --Loop all posts under the current city    Declare @IaId INT    DECLARE @IAContent NVARCHAR(Max)    Set @IaId=0            --Declare @iA int=0, @iB int=0, @iCommentCount int=0         while @IaId>0 --and @importCount > @iA    BEGIN            --Set @[email protected]+1        Select Top 1 @IaId=IaId from @Temp_IaIdByCity            SELECT @IAContent=Ia_content fromDbo.infoarticleWHEREia_id=@IaId        IF(CHARINDEX(@IAContent,'')<0)        BEGIN         CONTINUE; END            --random time within the specified range        ExecProc_zx_getrandomtime@startTime,@endTime,@randomTimeOUTPUT--Update post audit status, and time        UpdateInfoarticleSetIa_state=1, Ia_createdate=@randomTime, Ia_updatedate=@randomTime, Ia_checkdate=@randomTime Whereia_id=@IaId                Delete  from @Temp_IacIdByIaid                --all replies to the current post are staged to a table variable        Insert  into @Temp_IacIdByIaid         Selectiac_id frominfoarticlecommentWhereia_id=@IaId  andIac_isimport=1  andIac_state=0--and [email protected]        Order  byia_id--Set @iCommentCount =0        --Select @iCommentCount =count (1) from @Temp_IacIdByIaid                --Loop all the answers to the current post ia_id        Declare @IacId int        Set @IacId=0        Select Top 1 @IacId=Iacid from @Temp_IacIdByIaid         while @IacId>0 --and @iCommentCount > @iB        Begin            --Set @[email protected]+1                        --the random time within the specified range, from the previous @randomtime to the present            ExecProc_zx_getrandomtime@randomTime,@endTime,@randomTimeOUTPUTUpdateInfoarticlecommentSetIac_state=1, Iac_createdate=@randomTime, Iac_updatedate=@randomTime Whereiac_id=@IacId                            --Next article @iacid            Delete  from @Temp_IacIdByIaid WhereIacid=@IacId            Set @IacId=0            Select Top 1 @IacId=Iacid from @Temp_IacIdByIaid        End                --an incremental update table that is provided to the index using        Insert  intomap_searchrecordstate (msrs_entityid,msrs_name,msrs_state,msrs_createdate)Values(@IaId,'Zxindex',1,getdate())                                --Next article Iaid        Delete  from @Temp_IaIdByCity WhereIaId=@IaId        Set @IaId=0        Select Top 1 @IaId=IaId from @Temp_IaIdByCity            EndEnd

Audit stored procedures by Time data

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