Auditor H20 v1.6 + res2dinv v3.71.115 High density resistivity data inversion software

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Auditor H20 v1.6 1CD
cgpsmapper.v0100d 1CD diagram File Conversion tool
Cgpsmapper v0100d is a convertible vector map that allows you to convert your Garmin GPS receiver and Garmin
Mapsource software can understand the format of the file. by Cgpsmapper you will
Able to make maps and will be available for all Garmin map navigation devices. Cgpsmapper can also support a number of different input format files:
ESRI files, oziexpolorer files, and easy to understand text files based on the Polish format.

Phone tel:18980583122 Customer Service qq:1140988741

RES2DINV v3.71.115 1CD High density resistivity data inversion software
The RES2DINV software, designed by Dr. M.h.loke, is an excellent 2-D inversion software for high density resistivity data at present. It uses fast
The least square method is used to reverse the resistivity data, and the device has Wenner (α, β, γ), dipole-dipole, (AB-MN), single
Polar-Dipole (a-mn scrolling, mn-b scrolling, a-mn rectangles), two poles (a-m scrolling), Schlumberger Bell (α2 arrangement, Quadrupole bathymetric
scrolling) and so on.
Geotomo Software Products:

RES2DINV v3.55.35 1CD (is a high-density electrical processing software, for the more complex geological conditions, now widely used in two-dimensional electronic
Images for exploration)

RES3DINV v2.15f 1CD (geology software, using two-dimensional digital measurements of the surface to build a three-dimensional model below the surface)

Elevate v6.01 1CD (software that selects the number, size and speed of elevators for all types of new buildings, demonstrating the existing elevator installation, improving passenger

Eiba. Ets3.v3.0f.multilanguage 1CD (KNX/EIB engineering analysis)
ETS (engineering tools software) is a unique manufacturer of standalone tool software for the design and configuration of smart homes and controls using the KNX system
Construction facilities.
(KNX, an open bus system designed for building automation.) )
Features of ETS:
* ETS is truly unique: all over the world, every KNX project, every KNX certified device, you can easily make
Use the same ETS tool to meet your needs.
* This tool is actually a part of the KNX standard.
* The database of all KNX manufacturers ' certified products can be entered into ETS!
* The KNX system also provides an easy-to-operate manufacturer's standalone toolbox for planners and installers to use.
ETS 3 is a new generation of products in the ETS software family. We offer a solution for different levels of professionalism.
* The ETS 3 Tester is suitable for learning
* The ETS 3 Starter is suitable for small projects in everyday families
* The ETS 3 Professional Professional version is available for all types of projects with unlimited engineering size and complexity

Enercalc v6.1.03 1CD Engineering software
The stress and reinforcement of all structural members of masonry structure (including reinforced block masonry shear wall structure) can be calculated.

Friedrich & Lochner Statik v2008.2 sl1-iso 1CD (Engineering structural analysis software)

Auditor H20 v1.6 + res2dinv v3.71.115 High density resistivity data inversion software

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