August 27, 2015 Course Assignment (practice) Schedule

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First, homework (exercise) content:

1. Summarize the use of the commands involved in this course and show the relevant examples;

2. Summarize basic regular expressions and extended regular expressions

3. Display the lines in the/etc/passwd file that end with bash

4. Display the two-digit or three-digit number in the/etc/passwd file

5. Display lines with ' LISTEN ' followed by 0, one or more whitespace characters in the ' Netstat-tan ' command result

6. Add user bash, Testbash, basher, and Nologin user (Nologin user's shell is/sbin/nologin), then find the same line in the/etc/passwd file as the user name and its shell name

7. Display the default shell and UID of root, CentOS, or User1 user on the current system (please create these users beforehand, if not present)

8, find a word in the/etc/rc.d/init.d/functions file (the middle of the word can be underlined) followed by a set of parentheses line

9, use echo to output a path, and then egrep find its path base name; Further use Egrep to remove its directory name

10. Find the number between 1-255 in the result of ifconfig command execution

Second, completion time:

September 3, 2015 before class.

Third, the way of submission:

Please submit your job's post link address in the form of a comment blog. Formats such as:

Zhang San

August 27, 2015 Course Assignment (practice) Schedule

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