AUSU Installation WIN10 Precautions

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Win10 U Disk original installation

Before installation in the computer shop PE with Diskgenius partition
Partition Table Type: GUID
TICK: Create a new ESP partition, create an MSR partition

Installation must use UEFI boot and GPT hard drives, otherwise you will not be prompted to install the WIN10 system

UltraISO making Win10 before installing USB flash drive, you should format the USB flash drive under Windows (formatted as NTFS, allocation unit size is 4096 bytes)
Burn to USB flash drive: Select "Start"--"write hard disk image"--"convenient start"-"easy to write", so that you can keep the USB drive NTFS, directly click "Write" will save the USB flash drive to FAT32 format, this format does not support more than 4G content, Win10 installation file larger than 4G

USB flash drive installation process, prompt 10 seconds after reboot, dial off the USB drive, restart the computer from the hard drive to continue to install

AUSU Installation WIN10 Precautions

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