Auto-start for Windows Mobile

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How to make our applicationsProgramWhen the device is turned on, does it automatically load and run? There are three methods to summarize:

The first method is to place an application shortcut in the \ windows \ Startup folder of the device. The shortcut of the application here refers to the file with the suffix ". lnk. How is the lnk file created? The format is as follows: 32 # "\ windows \ intelligenthungup.exe" indicates that the number of characters in quotation marks must be <= 32, the specific number can be written as needed, as long as the number of characters in the quotation marks is smaller than or equal to this number. # The content in the quotation marks is the path and name of the application to be automatically loaded at startup. The second method is to modify the Registry: copy the application to the \ Windows folder of the device, modify the registry, and add new content to hkey_local_machin \ init. For example: when the device is restarted, the application starts automatically. The third method is to use the service program. Create a Service Catalog DLL file based on the customized rules. Then, the services.exe file can be automatically loaded on the server.
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