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Introduction to 4.6.1 Sketch command

The "Freehand drawing" feature, the "sketch" command, is provided to make it easier for users to use the AUTOCAD,AUTOCAD system. With this function, the user can use the fixed-point device as a brush to draw some irregular boundaries, such as contour lines, signatures, etc. Freehand painting is essentially a series of consecutive lines or multiple lines.

4.6.2 Sketch Command detailed

The format for invoking the sketch command in AutoCAD is:

Command line: Sketch

The system prompts as follows:

Record increment <0.0000>:

The user is required to specify "record increment". The record increment is the length of the smallest segment in the Freehand line segment, which is temporarily recorded by the system whenever the distance of the cursor is moved to that length. After you specify record increment, the system further prompts you to do the following:

Sketch. Pen eXit Quit record Erase Connect.

The options are specified as shown in table 4-3.

Command options



This option is used to control the pen and write status. The user must write the freehand drawing first, the mouse is used as a brush, and its general function is invalid. If the user needs to pause or finish drawing, a pen is required. Note that the pen does not exit the SKETCH command, nor does it permanently record the currently drawn freehand line.

The user can also switch between the pen and write state by clicking the left button.


This option logs all temporary lines and exits the SKETCH command.

The user can also press the Enter key or the SPACEBAR to complete the same function.


This option does not record any temporary lines and exits the SKETCH command.

The equivalent of the user pressing ESC key.


This option records the last freehand line drawn, but does not exit the SKETCH command. The freehand line that is recorded is displayed in white color, while the temporary freehand line is displayed in green color.


This option can be deleted before a temporary segment is recorded. When this option is selected, you can gradually delete any segment of the line by using the cursor to begin with the last drawn segment. When this option is selected, the brush is automatically lifted if the brush is in the pen state.


Use this option to continue drawing freehand lines from the last breakpoint when the user raises a pen or deletes a segment and a breakpoint appears. When this option is selected, AutoCAD automatically draws the freehand line from the breakpoint when the cursor is moved near the breakpoint and the distance between the cursor and the breakpoint is less than the increment length.


This option draws a line from the end of the last freehand line to the cursor at the pen state, without being limited by the increment length. It still holds pen status after drawing.

Expert pointing system variable Skpoly takes a value of 0 o'clock (the default), and calling the "sketch" command generates a series of lines, and if the variable takes a value of 1, a multiple-segment line is generated.

The system variable Sketchinc saves the record increment value of the current "sketch" command.

Through several concrete examples, this chapter introduces the drawing command and drawing method of basic graphics in AutoCAD respectively.

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