[AutoCAD-related] shortcut keys

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Shortcut Keys are indispensable for any software application. Shortcut Keys can greatly improve your work efficiency and make your technology more refined! (Related3D design tutorial)

You can use Alt + letters to quickly select commands. This method can be used to quickly operate most software.
Alt + tk Quick Selection
Alt + NL linear Annotation
Alt + VV4 quick creation of four Views
Alt + MUP extract Contour
CTRL + B: Grid Capture Mode Control (F9)
CTRL + C: copy the selected object to the clipboard.
CTRL + F: controls whether Automatic Object capturing is implemented (F3)
CTRL + G: Control of grid display mode (F7)
CTRL + J: Repeat the previous command
CTRL + K: hyperlink
CTRL + N: Create a Graphic File
CTRL + M: Repeat the previous command
CTRL + O: Open the image file
CTRL + P: print the current image
CTRL + Q: open, close, and save the comment box
CTRL + S: Save the file
CTRL + u: Polar Axis Mode Control (F10)
CTRL + V: paste the content on the clipboard
CTRL + W: Object Tracing Control (F11)
CTRL + X: Cut the selected content
CTRL + Y: redo
CTRL + Z: cancel the previous step.
CTRL + 1: Open the feature dialog box
CTRL + 2: open image Resource Manager
CTRL + 3: Open the tool palette
CTRL + 6: Open the Image Data Atom
CTRL + 8 or QC: fast
Double-click, and select "show all images ".

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[AutoCAD-related] shortcut keys

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