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Nevermodules-AutoComplete cross-browser

IE 6.0-opera 9.0--Mozilla 1.5.0

    Example list
      • Google suggest demo in this e. g
      • Response speed test, see this e. g
      • Using AutoComplete in Ajax, see this e. g
      • Nevermodules online document e. g
    Feature feature (I have poor English, so I only write one word ...)
      • Speed. Speed
      • Style. Speed style and Google sugguest style. The speed style and Google sugguest style can be written by CSS.
      • Cache. cache to speed up and reduce queries
      • Function. Rich Functions
    The following are some of the attributes provided by AutoComplete in this version. You can see them in the Ajax example.
      • * The cache function is used. When the number of characters can be queried in the cache, no request is sent to the server. Reduce server pressure
      • * Use space to match. A space character is equivalent to one or more characters (strings), as suggested by "codetome: first, enter e. The last word never-Online bluedestiny renkailau will all come out. Then I press the space and enter n. the text box characters are as follows: "e n ", my goal is to search for all the words with E and N. The result should be three words, and the N and E in each word are black.
      • * No matter where the input string is located in datasource, it always matches
      • * When the data volume is large, the previous part of the data is automatically intercepted to improve efficiency.
      • * Case insensitive
      • * Enable the direction key (keypad) download Source

        Click here to download this file, if the file is unavailable, pls email me, bluedestiny [at], or go here history

        2006-01: AutoComplete Beta
        2006-09: AutoComplete 0.10
        2007-01: AutoComplete 0.11
        2007-03: AutoComplete 0.12 betaknown bug

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