Autocompletetype prevents textbox from being "automatically completed"

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When surfing the internet, you will find that textbox remembers the text you have input. When you enter the text again next time, it will automatically prompt related words, the most common is that the account password is automatically taken out when a user logs on to the website.
However, Automatic completion is not allowed for security purposes in some projects. We can delete the prompt information in IE's tools → options → content → Auto completion, but this does not solve the problem at all, because this delete operation only deletes the previous one, how can some textbox completely disable this automatic function.

Tests show that textbox has an autocompletetype attribute. The default value is none. If it is none, it is determined based on the client's ie settings. If we set it to disable, then run the program and find that the annoying automatic completion function is completely unavailable.

Autocompletetype has many other values. It selects whether to enable the auto-completion function based on the content entered by the customer. For example, we require that a textbox be automatically completed only when the user inputs an email, then we can set the autocompletetype value to email.

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