Autoinc, default, and batchupdate

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In the C/S architecture, we like to use the integer field of autoinc as the oId during data logging design, and also like to set some default values in the data logging, it turns out that there is no problem.

However, in 3-tier (using tclientdataset) or batchupdate mode, because these resources must be submitted before being produced by DBMS, so there will be some problems:

1. for master-detail, after the master record is added, in order to ensure the integrity of the credential, the master must be saved in a transaction at the same time, so when the primary table is not saved, add the detail information. What is the value of the detail outer limit?

2. After submitting the information, do you need merge or requery if you have not seen the DBMS-generated autoinc or default data? Will this activity allow customers to face up? Do you remember to jump out before closing?

My suggestion is not to define these things in terms of data, as more and more people will not define the relationship in the data definition table. The OID uses the newly added OID component to handle the problem on its own (it must be measured in numbers). Each time it is added, a new sequence is generated. As of default, you can fill in the statement according to the design text before submission. You can also manage the data dictionary in a unified way with the constraint.

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