Automate deployment with Webhooks

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Work often use webhooks to achieve automatic deployment, the total write is placed on oneNote above, experience not to share the fun, now take out to share, I hope everyone in the work can ease

Ubuntu Install git client

sudo apt install git查看版本git --version

Cloning code from the line

git clone  git 地址

Prepare the hook file

* 创建并修改目录    mkdir -p /Data/wwwroot/hooks    chown -R root:root  /Data/wwwroot/hooks* 写入文件:每个项目两个文件 -- 入口文件+.sh文件    sudo -Hu apache touch /Data/wwwroot/hooks/funds-v1-update.php    sudo -Hu apache touch /Data/wwwroot/hooks/    chmod 700 funds-v1-update.php    chmod 700
    funds-v1-update.php 文件代码:        <?php                passthru(‘bin/sh /Data/wwwroot/hooks/‘); 文件代码:         #!/bin/bash        WEB_PATH=‘/Data/wwwroot/‘        WEB_USER=‘root‘        WEB_USERGROUP=‘root‘        echo "start master"         cd $WEB_PATH        #whoami     echo "pulling source code ..."     /usr/bin/git reset --head origin/master     /usr/bin/git clean -f     /usr/bin/git pull     /usr/bin/git checkout master     echo "changing permissions..."     chown -R $WEB_USER:$WEB_USERGROUP $WEB_PATH     echo "finished"

Deploy public key configuration

sudo -Hu apache ssh-keygen -t rsa       # 请选择 “no passphrase”,一直回车下去复制/root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub的内容并添加到部署公钥:        选择项目 > 设置 > 部署公钥 > 新建 > 粘贴到下面框并确认

Add Webhooks

选择 项目 > 设置 > Webhook >新建hook > 复制hooks/funds-v1-update.php 所在的网址 :         令牌可选,建议写上        稍过几秒,刷新页面查看hook状态,显示为绿色勾就 OK 了

Configuring Hooks and Project Server Nginx

    ? 配置 nginx        ○ nginx 钩子配置        ○ nginx 项目配置        详见:Nginx 配置虚拟主机三种方法    ? 配置远程连接        ○ sudo -u root git clone [email protected]:yourUrl/        ○ 首次必须要克隆一次,而且要给apache分配/Data/wwwroot的读写权限

Automate deployment with Webhooks

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