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Previously, powershell, Web deployment, and python were used to automate website deployment. Microsoft's Web Deployment Tool and powershell 2.0 have not been released.


Therefore, you have to use the vbs script to switch the site path and use python to complete other small steps.

The following is the vbs script that comes with Windows 2003 after installation, except that adsutil. vbs is in the C:/inetpub/adminscripts path,

All others are under % WINDIR %/system32 /.


Iisapp. vbs

Iisapp/P 2368

# Reclaim the name of the specified application pool

Iisapp/A defaultapppool/R

# Reclaim the ID of the specified application pool

Iisapp/P 2368/R


Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Iisback. vbs

Back up site configuration information

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Liscnfg. vbs

Use iiscnfg. vbs to export IIS configurations

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Lisext. vbs

Disable Web Service extension using iisext. vbs

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Lisftp. vbs

Use iisftp. vbs to create an FTP site

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Lisftpdr. vbs

Use iisftpdr. vbs to create an FTP virtual directory

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Lisvdir. vbs

Use iisvdir. vbs to create a web virtual directory

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Lisweb. vbs

Use iisweb. vbs to create a website/use iisweb. vbs to list websites

Http:// (ws.10). aspx

Http:// (ws.10). aspx


Adsutil. vbs (awesome script)

Use adsutil. vbs management script

Http:// (ws.10). aspx

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