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I,Automated TestingClass:
1. Automated Software Testing: introduction, management and implementation
Automated SoftwareTestingIntroduction, Management, and Performance
2,Software TestingAutomationTechnologyDetails with Instances
Software Test Automation
3. Efficient software testing automation
Proactive Software Test Automation
4. Automated GUI Testing
Valid GUI Test Automation
5. Automated Software Testing
Just Enough Software Test Automation
6. Automated Software Engineering and software testing tutorials
Ii. Web application testing:
1. Web Security Testing
Testing Web Security: Assessing the Security of Web Sites and Applications
2. Web Application Testing
Testing Application on the Web: Test Planning for Internet-Based Systems
3. Web application testing (version 2)
Testing Applications on the Web: Test Planning for Mobile and Internet-Based Systems, Second Edition
4,Web TestingGuide
The Web Testing Companion: The Isider's Guide to Efficient and valid tive Tests
Iii. Software Testing basics:
1. Software Testing (2nd)
Software Testing A Craftsmaj's Approach (Second Edition)
2. Software Testing
Software Testing
3. Object-Oriented Software Testing
A Practical Guide to Testing Object Oriented Software
4. Software Testing andQuality Management
5. Computer Software Testing (original book version 2nd)
Testing Computer Software, Second Edition
6. Practical Software Testing Process
Testing IT: An Off-the-Shelf Software Testing Process
7. Software Quality and Software Testing
Software Quality and Software Testing in Internet Times
8. System Software Testing
Systematic Software Testing
9. Software subsystem Testing
The Craft of Software Testing: Subsystem Testing, Including Object-Based and Object-Oriented Testing
10. Test the object-oriented system
Testing Object-Oriented System: Models, Patterns, and Tools
11. Introduction to Software Testing Technology
12. Software beta testing
Beta Testing for Better Software
4. Software test applications:
1. Effective Software Testing
Valid tive Software Testing
2. Practical Software Testing Methods and Applications
3. Software Testing: experiences and lessons learned
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
4. Getting started with software testing
Introducing Software Testing
5. Practical Software Testing Guide
How to Break Software A Practical Guide to Testing
6. Software Evaluation: Benchmark Testing and best practices
Software Assessments, Benchmarks, and Best Practices
7. Embedded Software Testing
Testing Embedded Software
8. Survival rules for Software Testing
Creating ving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing: A People-Oriented Approach
9. Software Testing: Process Improvement
Software Testing in the Real World Improving the Process
10. Quick Test
Papid Testing
11. Effective Methods for software testing (formerly known as version 2nd)
Valid tive Methods for Software Testing, Second Edition
12. In-depth Analysis of Network tests
V,Unit TestClass:
1. Unit Test-Java version-use Junit
Pragmatic Unit Testing: In Java with JUnit
2. Test-driven development (Chinese Version)
Test-driven development: by example
3. unit test path C # -- use Nunit
Pragmatic Unit Testing: In C # with NUnit
4. Test-driven development-Practical Guide
Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide
5. Software Testing and Junit practices
VI,Performance TestingClass
1. 2EE Performance Testing
J2EE Performance Testing With BEA WebLogic Server
2. Microsoft. NET Web application performance test
Performance Testing Microsoft. NET Web Applications
7. Software Security Testing:
1. hacker attack testing
Hack Attacks Testing: How to Conduct Your Own Security Audit
2. Web Security Testing
Testing Web Security: Assessing the Security of Web Sites and Applications
8. Test Management:
1. Test Process Management
Managing the Testing Process
2. Software Testing Process Management (formerly known as version 2nd)
Managing the Testing Process (Second Edition)
9. Software Testing Training:
1. Software tester training materials
2. Practical Guide to Software Testing

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