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First, the question of the proposed

Many of the current database applications are client/server patterns developed using Oracle databases. It is well known that using this mode requires the installation of Oracle client software on the terminal. Applications can be packaged into installers using the InstallShield software and installed by the user themselves. However, Oracle client software typically requires experienced developers to install via human-computer interaction, and the service name must be configured in Net8 after installation. So when software is released, it may be necessary to install Oracle clients on thousands of terminals in different locations, which can cost a lot of manpower and time.

How can you automate the installation and configuration of Oracle clients without requiring personnel intervention, and can you integrate this work into the installation of your application?

The answer is yes, the following step-by-step elaboration of the implementation process.

Second, the realization step

1. Share Oracle Installer

Oracle Installer can be placed on an application server's CD-ROM or copied to a directory of the application server and shared, where we assume the server name is softserver and the placement path is Oracle.

2, write the response file to install the Oracle client automatically

The default installation mode for Oracle is human-computer interaction. After running the Setup.exe on the Oracle installation disk, follow the instructions in the installer to complete the installation one step at a point. Oracle also provides an automated installation (non-human-computer interaction) approach. The premise of this pattern is that a response file must be written. A description of this method can be found on the Oracle installation disk with the file name doc\output\advance.htm. There are templates for response files in the response directory, and you can modify the template to suit your own response file as needed.

Here we give an example that installs only NET8, the filename is set as \\SOFTSERVER\ORACLE\NET8.RSP, the contents are as follows:

#products the path where the. jar file is located (on an Oracle installation disk)
From_ location= "\\softserver\oracle\stage\products.jar"
Oracle_home= "C:\oracle\ora81"
# Alias for ORACLE installation directory
Oracle_home_name= "Ora8"
#顶级安装方式, select client
toplevel_component={"Oracle.client", ""
#是否显示动画, the default is False
#是否显示欢迎界面, default is False
# Whether the installation process interface is displayed, the default is True
#是否显示需求信息, and the default is True
Show_required_config_tool_page= False
#语言, here in English, Simplified Chinese
component_languages={"en", " ZH_CN "}
#安装方式 (default, custom, minimal), here with custom
install_type=" Custom "
#要安装的产品列表, here Select Net8
dependency_list={" Oracle.networking.netcltprod "," "}
dependency_list={"ORACLE.NETWORKING.NETCLT", ""}
# Net8 Configuration Assistant
[ Oracle.networking.netca_8.]
#是否在安装后启动Net8配置助手, the default is True

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