Automatic accounting how to determine accounting objective lending

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Preface: This article will provide you with sap mm automatic accounting, how to determine the purpose of accounting lending, and how to find the corresponding accounting creden。 from the front-end material movement operation.

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Suddenly I have a question: although the borrower of the subject has been maintained in obyc in advance, how does the system determine whether the borrower or the credit account is used in the actual automatic accounting process?

For example, to view the table t156, the mobile type defines whether the mobile type is a debit credential or a loan credential. For example, if the 201 cost center is delivered, this item is marked as H (credit) Credit, which will cause inventory reduction after accounting (H credit: inventory subject, note: this is already a condition ), what do you remember?

The following is a shipping test:

View Details:


According to the background configuration, the system obtains that the general ledger account to be recorded is 890000. How can we know that it is a debit? Or credit? The impact of goods movement on accounting purposes is: where does the goods come from? Where to move? How much value transfer (lending must be equal )? Which is a known condition and which is an unknown condition? We always remember that the system always finds unknown conditions from known conditions.

Let's first look at the accounting credential:

From the accounting credential, we can see that the borrower is 81: 890000 and the borrower is 99: 790000. How did they come from?

In any case, the condition here must be an inventory subject, because it is issued from the inventory (201: H ), this must be related to the transaction code BSX (found by moving types and value strings ):

The credit account is 790000.

The inventory delivery is related to the transaction code GBB:

In this way, you can obtain the debit account 890000. Therefore, the 890000 shown in the material creden。 should belong to the "owner" (unknown subject ).


In fact, the system provides a simulated function for automatic account Accounting. Transaction code: omwb


Summary: for general shipping, dumping, and other shipping, the system always finds the corresponding subject from the transaction code GBB, so as to borrow or lend, it depends on the type of movement and movement (if the mobile type is debit movement, the corresponding offset movement type must be credit movement, such as 201: H lender and 202: s borrower ).

The above is only the result of personal testing. It does not represent the true logic of SAP. If you disagree, you can make a brick.

Baiboyd 2010.01.08

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