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Good morning,

I have created a solution with two squares, but I thinkCubeThe physical process is automatic, and the batch processing or Windows tasks are used.

But I don't think how to do this. I need to create a script or something similar.

I completely lost.

Thank you for your help.


Create a new SSIS task in Bi development studio. On the Control Flow tab, add the Connection Manager for your analytic Service database for the first time (right-click the bottom tab ), drag the Analysis Service Processing task from the toolbar on the left (the tab may be minimized ). In the task, set the object you want to process.
Save it locally, go to the File menu, make a copy of it, and save it to your SQL Server database.
Enter the Management Room and connect to the database (no Analysis Service ). Go to the SQL Server proxy and right-click. Add a new job. In the job type, select SSIS job, select SSIS package you just created, look at your work on the database, you can now set periodic occurrence.

This is a bit confusing for the first time, but it is very simple once started. In your first one, you may want to go back and add records, too...

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