Automatic building of Android projects using Jenkins (1)

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Environment construction

1. Download the JDK, install and add the JDK installation directory to the environment variable java_home, and add the JDK Bin directory to the environment variable path.

2. Download the Android SDK, unzip and add the SDK's installation directory to the environment variable android_home, and add the SDK tools and Platform-tools directories to the environment variable path.

3. Download maven, unzip, and add the Maven bin directory to the environment variable path.

4. If you build with Git, you need to download the installation and add the Git bin directory to the environment variable path.

5. Download and Jenkins and use http://localhost:8080/to access the Admin interface after installation.

PS: The above Software installation directory Please do not have a space, although there are spaces, most of the situation will not affect the use, but sometimes some difficult to solve the problem is due to the space path.

6. Jenkins installs the plugin, select "Plug-in Management", "available", search "Maven Project Plugin" and "GIT Plugin" for installation. (Other useful plugin:all changes Plugin,email Extension plugin)

7. Configure Jenkins, select "Manage Jenkins" and "Setup System" to fill in the corresponding settings for the JDK, Git, and MAVEN paths you just installed.

The default value of the local Maven repository, and if it is called with Jenkins, Windows will correspond to C:\Documents and settings\<user>\.m2, and Linux will correspond to ~/.M2, and if invoked directly from the command line, Windows will correspond to C:\.M2, and Linux will correspond to <JENKINS_DIR>/.M2.

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