Automatic generation of JavaBean based on table structure, the strongest and most professional javabean tool in the history of Table structure (4th edition)

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1th Edition:
2nd edition:
3rd Edition:
4th Edition:

Released the 4th edition, the speed of onlookers, this version updated as follows:
1. Add a dialog box to view all the tables in the database, click More buttons next to the exact match text box, or double-click the exact match text box.
A dialog box for selecting a database table appears, listing all tables in the database and supporting fuzzy queries (case insensitive)
Find the table you want, select the desired table in the check box, and click to confirm the selection.
2. The maximum number of exceptions to an open cursor occurs when too many tables are resolved for Oracle one-time conversion, and now tests the generation of more than 400 tables at a time
DTO and entity successfully completed the conversion, but the table is too much slower.
3, memory consumption optimization, the use of memory resources to clean up, greatly reducing the application of the system memory consumption, improve the program
Operating efficiency and stability.

It has been a headache to convert a database table into an entity or a DTO, which is a headache, and it's a waste of time and complexity, looking at hundreds of hundreds of of thousands of fields in dozens of tables.
We have also thought of a lot of ways to solve this problem, including using MyEclipse to connect to the database to generate JavaBean, but there will be some unsatisfactory place, including tables and table fields comment always can not be generated, but also generate a lot of useless comment code, Make the code look dirty, configuration is cumbersome, and so on.
So rage, self-clothed, last year himself with swing wrote a table through the database generated JavaBean tools, support MySQL, Oracle, Sqlservce, the perfect support JPA annotations, you can generate both entity and DTO, You can automatically remove the table prefix, and support the removal of multiple prefixes, support for specifying exactly which tables are generated by the bean, but also support the Fuzzy Lookup to generate a few tables of beans, now not only the member variable can be generated notes, but also in getter and setter can have notes!
More importantly, all the configuration can be saved to the local, as long as the configuration once, the next use as long as a point to generate JavaBean, the next second will be able to get the javabean you want, fully realize the second generation.

After several projects of the use and accumulation, I decided to share it for everyone to use, we have any good suggestions and ideas can also be proposed, because the relatively busy, has no time to modify and maintain, so there will be some bugs. Due to environmental reasons, the main test is mysql,oracle and SQL Server testing is not complete, may be a bit of a bug.

Well, let me introduce you to the tool I have written.

1, this is the interface of the configuration database:

2, this is the interface to configure the conversion parameters:

3, the Field conversion settings interface, you can configure different field conversion types according to different project requirements:

4, added to see all the tables in the Database dialog box, the exact match text box next to the click More Buttons or double-click the exact match text box, you can pop up the Selection Database Table dialog box, here will list all the tables in the database, and Support fuzzy query (case-insensitive) to find the required table, check box to select the desired table, Click to confirm the selection.

5, select the supported database, the following driver name, IP address, library name, port, user name and password will automatically follow the corresponding changes to support different databases:

6. Support for JavaBean with JPA annotations and without JPA annotations:

7, choose the function of the template, can deal with more different needs of the project:

8, each input box has notes, as long as the mouse on the above hover to see:

9, the first time the tool is opened will automatically generate two configuration files, one is the configuration database, one is the configuration parameters, generally the first time to go in as long as the configuration of the database, point generation JavaBean, by default can generate both entity and DTO:

10. This is an automatically generated entity and DTO:


The compressed package contains 32-bit and 64-bit two versions.

Use this tool need to install Java1.6 and above, because the development environment is JDK1.7, the compilation environment is JDK1.6, so 1.7 and 1.6 of the JDK can run, the other version of the JDK has not been tested, the higher version should be no problem, must be in the operating system environment variables to configure the Java _home, or you will not find Java.
Looking for a lot of tools to package the jar into EXE files, some do not support 64-bit system, and finally found the exe4j, perfect support packaged into 64-bit system support version, but this software needs to find Register machine Note book. I use a 64-bit system, I do not know whether the generated 32-bit programs can not run, if you can not run everyone say, I will test again.

Note: After each download of a new version, if placed in the original directory, it is best to delete the Paramconfig.ini configuration file, open the program will automatically regenerate the latest configuration file.

This article I have published in Iteye, and now in Csnd again, these two blogs are my own, the article mentioned in the software was developed by myself. If you are unable to download due to the lack of product, you can download the free, if you think this software is good, I hope you can download the version I uploaded to Csdn, only need 1 points, but also for my support, thank you!

Automatic generation of JavaBean based on table structure, the strongest and most professional javabean tool in the history of Table structure (4th edition)

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