Automatic networking when Win7 hibernate is restored

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In the process of using the computer, we tend to leave for some time because of temporary things, and at this time to save electricity, will click the menu "start → shutdown → sleep" command to make the Win7 system into hibernation. But the system from hibernation to the normal working state, but found that the Internet can not be normal, at this time must be rerun the system with the broadband dialer. Think about it, it's really troublesome! So, can the system automatically connect to the network when it is restored to normal working state from hibernation? The answer is certainly yes. Next, I will give you an introduction to how to achieve.

Right-click the desktop computer icon, select Manage to open the Computer Management window, click Task Scheduler on the left, and click the new Create Task option on the right to open the General tab of the Create Task dialog box, and then in the name In the right text box, take a name for the newly created task (such as broadband automatic connection), click the Drop-down arrow to the right of configuration, select Windows 7,windows Server 2008 R2, and then switch to the triggers and Actions tabs and do the following:

1, "Triggers" tab

On the Triggers tab, click the New ... button, and in the New Trigger dialog box that opens, click the Drop-down arrow to the right of start task, select Log on and click OK to create a trigger task named "Log on"; follow this method, and then click the New Trigger dialog box Start task The Drop-down arrow to the right, select when the workstation unlocks, and create a trigger task called "when the workstation unlocks".

2, "Operations" tab

In the Operations tab, click the New ... button to open the New Action dialog box, click the Drop-down arrow to the right of action, select Start Program, click the Browse button to the right of program or script, and then under the "C:windowssystem32" directory Rasphone.exe "(that is, the system comes with a broadband dialing program) file is added, then enter the parameter"-D broadband Connection "in the text box to the right of add parameters and click OK.

After the operation of the above steps, when the system is once again from the sleep state into the normal working state, the system with the broadband dialing program will automatically perform networking operations, so we can easily browse the web of their own content of interest. Friends with this need may wish to try.

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