Automatic recommendation system effect why not

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Tonight in the Data Mining Research Institute to see an article, "Automatic recommendation system effect for what is not good", why friends recommend the book Always let me satisfied, is it a friend in the recommendation of the book is more than the computer can be carried out by the operation of the brain activity is more complex? The user's appeal and psychology is very subtle, many times you do not know your own demands, the first 1 minutes you want to eat KFC, after 1 minutes you may give up this idea, as Keso said I bought this stock book, does not mean that I have to accept the machine push the other stock books.
Recently, with the development of new products such as Facebook and Weibo, let's take a look at these 2 product forms it is not just a "social network" so simple, FB and TW design of the product form by adding for friends and attention mode, for you to build a human filter network, This filter because of the presence of your acquaintances and the people you are interested in, their tastes and likes, their sharing and forwarding behavior, for you to build a layer of effective filter network. This filter allows you to isolate yourself from the noise of the information and get a more effective signal.

We will slowly see the "human flesh algorithm" stronger than the machine algorithm. Human flesh filter is better than the machine algorithm to give you the "careful" arrangement and push.
I think that said a half-day is social network mining.
Talk about the fast two years of love, harvest a lot, the deepest feeling is to find a good job than everything. Some people say that scientific research is poor three generations, read Bo mistake life, this words are justified.

Automatic recommendation system effect why not

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