Automatic startup of Oracle Database on Solaris

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Summary of Automatic startup of Oracle Database on Solaris: 1. Automatic startup of Solaris on Solaris will automatically run/etc/rc. all scripts in the d directory. The larger N, the higher the execution level. The script starting with S runs automatically at startup, and the script starting with K runs automatically at shutdown. 2. You can write the startup script on Oracle, or use the script that comes with Oracle to start and close the database. Oracle Script: $ ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbstart, $ ORA_HOME/bin/dbshut. Note that the PFILE parameter in dbstart may have problems and must be manually modified. 1. If the dbstart command is not responded to when running in oracle, you need to set "ora:/export/home/oracle/product/9.2" in the file/var/opt/oracle/oratab: N is changed to ora:/export/home/oracle/product/9.2: Y ". 2. If the command dbstart prompts "can't find init file for database", you need to run PFILE =$ {ORACLE_HOME}/dbs/init $ {ORACLE_SID }. the file specified in ora is changed to the correct name. 3. Set the Oracle Automatic startup step (using the script provided by Oracle) 1. Modify the dbstart and dbshut scripts to ensure that the database can be started and closed during direct operation; 2. Create the dbstart and dbshut scripts and place them in/etc/init. in the d directory, the content of dbora is as follows :#! /Bin/shORA_HOME =/export/home/oracle/app/oracle/products/9.2.0ORA _ OWNER = oracleif [! -F $ ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart] then echo "Oracle startup: cannot start" exitficase "$1" in 'start ') su-$ ORA_OWNER-c $ ORA_HOME/bin/dbstart &/etc/init. d/dblsnrctl. sh; 'stop') su-$ ORA_OWNER-c $ ORA_HOME/bin/dbshut &; esac 3. Create the script for starting lsnrctl dblsnrctl. sh (the dbora script will call this script) to prevent/etc/init. in the d directory, dblsnrctl. sh Content :#! /Bin/sh su-oracle lsnrctl start exit 4. Modify the dbora script and dblsnrctl. sh script permission to ensure that you can run: # chmod 755/etc/init. d/dbora # chmod 755/etc/init. d/dblsnrctl. sh 5. Set the startup link in/etc/rc2.d: # cd/etc/rc2.d # ln-s/etc/init. d/dbora S99oracle 6. Set the closing link in/etc/rc0.d: # cd/etc/rc0.d # ln-s/etc/init. d/dbora K10oracle author song_0521

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