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How to automatically color palette

After the shooting, most of the things you want to do is to enjoy your pictures on the computer. But when you open a photo, you often find that the results are different from what you saw when you were shooting, especially in color. In fact, because the camera's color capture is far from the human eye as accurate, while the camera's LCD monitor may appear to be biased color, so the photo has a certain deviation in color, we need to pass the post-processing of software to make the photos have the ideal effect. Photoshop software is most commonly used in processing photo colors, so let's use it as an example to talk about how to adjust the color of a photo.

Obviously yellow need to be processed in the later stage of the photo

When shooting, the camera's color capture is far less accurate than the human eye, as the above picture is obviously yellow, we need to deal with the photos in the later stage.

1. Adjust the color of the screen with the "Auto tone" command

Perform the image > Auto Tone command to adjust the color of the photo.

The color of the original artwork is obviously yellow

The more accurate color is obtained after the software is adjusted automatically

Open the shot, as shown in Figure 1 above, and perform the image > Auto Tone command to adjust the color of the photo. The adjustment effect is similar to the adjustment effect after the automatic levels command, and the photo is adjusted as shown in Figure 2 above, figure 3 above.

2. Use the Auto Contrast command to adjust the hue

Perform the image > Auto Contrast command to adjust the brightest and darkest parts of the photo directly to make the bright part look brighter and darker. The original photo as shown below, the adjustment effect shown in the following image.

Perform the image > Auto Contrast command to adjust the light and shade effects of the photo.

The contrast of the picture before the automatic adjustment is low, the picture is dim

After adjustment, the picture becomes brighter, the contrast increases

This command can only be applied to color photographs and does not work for monochrome photographs.

3. Use the Auto Color command to adjust colors

Perform the image > Auto Color command, which you can use to automatically adjust the brightest and darkest colors in your photos. Raise the white in the photo to a maximum of 255, and lower the black to the lowest value of 0, and reassign the other colors to avoid color bias. The original image as shown in the lower left figure, the adjustment effect as shown in the bottom right.

Perform the image > Auto Color command.

No adjusted photos of the color of the reddening

After adjustment, the color ratio of the photo is normal, no color bias

For a more balanced color picture, applying this command will make the photo more perfect.

4. Adjust saturation using the "natural saturation" command

Perform the "Image > Adjust > Natural saturation" command to ensure that the original saturation is the same as the overall tone, and on this basis to fine-tune the color of the picture. The specific action is to adjust the triangle slider below the saturation item in the pop-up Natural Saturation dialog box. When you move the Triangle slider to the right, the saturation of the image is increased, and the saturation of the picture is lowered when the reverse adjusts.

Extremely low saturation photo

When the triangle slider below the "saturation" is adjusted to the right, the saturation is increased, as shown in the following figure, and the saturation is lowered when the left is adjusted.

After the adjustment, the color of the picture will be more vivid

This adjustment method is very effective to prevent the saturation of the picture from being passed high.

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