Automatically switch IP address (zz) with netsh command in WINXP)

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I knew it a long time ago. paste it for your reference. Reprinted as follows:

Due to security issues, I did not directly connect to the Intranet and the Internet, but assigned two IP segments. It is very troublesome to switch back and forth during daily use, fortunately, IBM provides a dedicated accessconnection software for small black, which is easy to use, but accessconnection cannot be used on the desktop. I use the system's built-in command netsh to implement the accessconnection function.

1. manually set the IP address in the Intranet for the network adapter, right-click "network neighbor → properties" on the desktop, and set the TCP/IP attribute of "Local Connection", for example, IP Address:, and subnet mask:

2. after setting, click "start"-"run"-enter 'cmd' to enter the command line mode and enter the following command: netsh-C interface dump> C: \ innet.txt saves the internal network configuration that was manually set.

3. redo Step 1: Set the TCP/IP attribute of the NIC to the network configuration used in intenet, and execute the following command in the command line: netsh-C interface dump> C: \ outnet.txt saves the network configuration information of the Internet that was manually set.

4. open notepad, enter netsh-f c: \ innet.txt, and save it as 'intranet. bat '; similarly, create another batch processing file, input: netsh-f c: \ outnet.txt, and save it as "Internet. bat"

5. Send the creation shortcuts for the two batch files to the desktop. In this way, you can run 'intranet. bat' on the Intranet and "Internet. Bat" on the Internet"

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