Automatically synchronize Multiple blogs through RSS subscription and Email Forwarding

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Some mainstream blog publishing tools or websites have the mail publishing function. You can publish the Blog content by sending emails to an established address.

In combination with the above two and automatic Email Forwarding, you can use a blog as the main function to synchronously update the remaining blogs. The following describes the detailed practices.

Initial Conditions: email, RSS, and blog

First, you need to have an email address. Here I chose Gmail because it is stable, has a large space, and has rich functions.

Then you have to have a blog as your main blog. You can use the services provided by the blog service provider. It doesn't matter whether mail publishing is supported. You only need to update it normally, the rest of the blogs will indirectly read content from here. Here I chose WordPress built in my own space.

Finally, although blogs all have the RSS Publishing function, they adopt the feature to facilitate management and to fix the RSS address.

Use your mailbox to subscribe to RSS

This subscription is different from the subscription that is generally used for RSS reader. Instead, it allows send your RSS updates to your mailbox in a step-by-step manner. The procedure is as follows:

Enter enter your rssaddress

Enter your email address and click "subscribe"

Subscription completed

Get the email publishing mailbox of the blog to be synchronized

For MSN spaces, go to "Settings"> "email publishing:

The mail publishing address is the

For, go to "Settings"> "email:

The mail publishing address is the, and the "publish" check means that the mail is published immediately, instead of waiting for editing or manual Publishing.

Set automatic mailbox forwarding

Now the mailbox can receive the token.

Note that each filter can only be forwarded to one mailbox. If multiple mailboxes need to be forwarded (with multiple targets), it seems that the archive of received emails cannot be archived in the filter, otherwise, only one filter will take effect (in testing ).
For more information about automatic mailbox forwarding, see automatic synchronization of Multiple blogs (Addendum) through RSS subscription and Email Forwarding, because the methods described in this article forward through filters have many drawbacks, I don't want to miss people.

You can also publish a blog to through the FTP Publishing function of

Publish (publish as a static page), because Blogspot is still inaccessible, this method is currently the best method.

For the FTP Publishing settings of blogger, go to "Settings"> "publish"> ftp. For details, see:

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