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Development transfer test: Need to start from the basis of zero, then what exactly should be tested? Let's take a look at the automated test of thermal theory.

Understanding post-positioning: automated testing of Web UI

Now the market on the main web projects, their own participation in the development of multiple Web projects, have programming experience, so do Web UI Automation testing, tool selection Selenium, language is C # or Java.

The analysis is as follows:

1.1 What is automated testing and what problems can be solved? 1.2 Automated Test Jobs 1.3 automated test classification 1.4 How do you learn automated testing? 1.5 selection of automated test tools

1.1 What is automated testing and what problems can be solved?

Automation includes everything from tools (programs) to replace or assist manual testing behavior can be seen as automation, including performance testing tools (LoadRunner, JMeter). In a narrow sense, a tool that records or writes a script simulates the process of manual testing by replaying or running a script to execute a test case, instead of manually validating the system's functionality.

What projects are suitable for automated testing? It is suitable for long project cycle, and the software requirements change infrequently, because the determination of automation test requirements, the design of automated test framework, the writing and debugging of test scripts will take a long time to complete.

1.2 Automated Test jobs

There are roughly 2 types:

(1) Software Test Engineer (Ste:software Test Enginer.): Manual testing can also be used to simulate the process of manual testing, to improve efficiency; not just the most basic manual tests, but a little bit.

(2) Software Test development Engineer (Sdet:software development Engineer in Test.): Focus on scripting Test cases and test development engineers.

1.3 Automated Test classification

(1) There are many kinds of automated tests:

Automated test procedures for Web UI

Automated test program for Windows Forms UI

API testing, such as (testing WCF service, WEB API, etc.)

Database testing, such as testing stored procedures

Interface Test (This can only be measured with automation)

Unit Test

Performance testing, performance testing requires automation

(2) At first glance more vague, do not understand why so many classifications, in fact, it is based on product development at different stages of the corresponding test, such as

As for the scale of the three Tests in the pyramid, they are divided according to the actual project requirements. In the "Google test" book, for Google products, 70% of the investment is unit testing, 20% for integration, interface testing, 10% for the UI layer of automated testing.

1.4 How to learn automated testing?

The misunderstanding of automatic test learning

A lot of beginners start by learning complex automated testing tools, I think this is putting the cart before the horse.

If you do not understand the HTTP protocol first, you will not understand Jemeter, LoadRunner, Fiddler, soapui these tools.

If you don't understand Html,dom first, you won't understand the firebug of this tool.

If you don't understand the Win32 API first, you won't understand how Windows Forms automated testing works.

If you have not developed a Web site, you will not understand the various aspects of the site, testing is inevitably missing.

In short, the study of automated testing, the need for gradual, the foundation to play well.

Learning steps for Software automation testing

The approximate steps are as follows:

1. Do manual testing (knowledge of various tests), 2. Learning programming Language--3. Learn Web Foundation (html,http,css,dom,javascript) or learn winform-> 4. Learn the automated test tool->5. Learning Automation test Framework, 6. Implementing automated test cases, 7. Development of automated test tools->8. Developing automated test frameworks

The highest level of automated testing is the development of test tools and the design of automated test frameworks for others to use.

1.5 selection of automated test tools

(c/s) Desktop program tools are: QTP, Autorunner

(b/s) Web application tools are: QTP, selenium, Autorunner, Robot Framework,

(c/s) project recommended to use QTP, (b/s) Web applications recommended with selenium.

After I decided to selenium, I faced a new problem and chose a language. Selenium is supported by Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C #, JavaScript.

In terms of language accessibility, Ruby is preferred, python

In terms of language application breadth, Java, C #, PHP preferred

In terms of language-related testing techniques (and materials): Ruby, Python, Java

Or you can consider what language the entire technical team will mainstream, and then choose the appropriate language.




Automation testing (1610)

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