Automation testing-introduction of automation

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After several years of automated testing, I also led several automated testing teams, including qtp and selenium, including the automated tools and frameworks independently designed by the company, there are a lot of automated testing tools on the market, which are charged, open-source, and self-owned. At present, there are many Gui-based automated testing tools, the functions of various automated testing tools are also basically the same, except that the IDE, script development language, supported script development methods, and supported controls are slightly different. Hardware automated testing (embedded testing) because of hardware development, the program is directly embedded into the hardware, so there is no complicated interface, so the hardware automation test is actually relatively simple, I personally feel. Let's get down to the truth. Next, let's talk about some ideas about automated testing.

I. Considerations for introducing automated testing

1: Project Needs and leadership support

As we all know, the early stage of automated testing requires a high investment. When talking about investment, it requires a large amount of money. The support of the company's leadership is the key to the introduction of automated testing, because of the lack of sufficient financial support, the automated testing will not die in the middle of the process, and there will never be a minority in the middle of the process. Therefore, do not be blindly optimistic or pessimistic in the early stage of the introduction of automated testing, it is necessary to combine the facts of the company and seek truth from facts, so we must not automate the process for automation.

2: demand changes cannot be too frequent

The required stability and scope are closely related to the test script. The stability of the test script directly affects the cost of automated test and maintenance. If the software requirements change too frequently, testers need to update test cases as needed, and the associated test scripts need to be changed. Modifications, debugging, and modifications to the framework even need to be involved when necessary, the cost is no less than the test cost saved. if the cost is insufficient, automated testing is doomed to a risk of failure.

3: Long Enough Project Cycle

The determination of automated testing requirements, tool selection, Framework Design, Script Development and debugging require a period of time. If a project is short, there is no time to support such a process, if all projects are finished or delivered, and the results of testing and development have not been used in place, it's not a joke.

4: script Utilization

If you develop a complete set of automated test scripts with full effort, but the entire project process does not use the automated test script, the cost will be greater than the economic value of automated testing, I believe that such investment will not be sustainable, and its fate is doomed to failure.

5: Cost Effectiveness

Automated testing tools are not necessarily better and better. When you look at your food in a pot and make yourself fit, do not be too ambitious. If you are pursuing a high level, the company's leadership will definitely respond when the automated testing is invested in a certain amount of cost, therefore, we must be cost aware and stick to the advantages. Everyone will use it (to reduce training costs). The best strategy is applicable to low costs.

II. N suggestions for automated test script design

To be continued ............

Automation testing-introduction of automation

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