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Integrated wiring is a modular and highly flexible information transmission channel between buildings or architectural complexes. It enables voice equipment, data equipment, switching equipment and various control equipment and information management systems to connect, but also to make these devices and external communications network connected to the integrated wiring.

So, the actual wiring in the people need to avoid what error?

The actual wiring you need to avoid 10 errors

First, not to the overall network of forward-looking planning

At present, Gigabit networks are already popular, but many companies still need to continue to use a gigabit to desktop network connection. For example, some companies need to relocate to a new office, which requires a redeployment of the network line, whether the traditional cable technology to meet the current application, or the new cable technology that can be continuously upgraded in the next few years, will be placed in front of us.

What we need to be aware of is that the cost of human resources is the most expensive part of the project's operation. Although in the actual project implementation process to choose the more advanced wiring scheme seems reasonable is not very good, but we suggest that we should consider the use of better quality products as far as possible. This will not embarrass your business in the face of higher network demand for a long time. Therefore, to ensure that the use of network cabling technology will not prematurely outdated, but also network cabling personnel must consider the problem.

Second, voice and data services use different lines

Given the cost implications, many companies used to use different specifications and types of network cables in voice and data services. Language because the voice service for the line condition is not very high, as long as the use of a single wire can be achieved, so for voice services to provide cheaper lines can ensure that the data line to obtain a larger portion of the budget funds.

Until today, although the cost of integrated wiring is still a large amount of money, but the largest expenditure has become the cost of human resources, the line itself no longer occupies the highest investment share.

In addition, with the popularization of voice telephony technology, voice services in many environments have become the existence of data requirements rely on data-level network cable support projects. In fact, if the company does have this demand, as long as the choice of appropriate voice telephony equipment, you can use the existing data lines and voice telephony devices built in the Ethernet switch to meet the requirements, so as to avoid repeated multiple cabling caused by the waste of money.

All in all, before we start work, we can't simply assume that voice services just need to be satisfied with the old 3-class line. If you need to deploy a single line for your phone, you should ensure that its performance is up to the level that supports the data line.

Third, no effective management of the line

In general, it would be thought that increasing the number of lines would help the existing system. The increase in trapezoidal racks and consequent line management based on racks can indeed lead to higher operating costs. But it can also make day-to-day maintenance work very simple. It should be noted that line management does not automatically terminate as the project is ultimately secure, and the reality changes as more and more lines are added.

Therefore, we should insist on the identification of the cable, according to color classification, or to take some other type of special treatment, to ensure that in any case can easily identify the relevant line.

Four, wire and cable to form parallel layout

The data line is transmitted using the "twisted Pair" (unshielded twisted pair) mode. The magnetic field generated by the low voltage through the wire is an important part of the communication chain. When the unshielded network cable parallel with the wire, there will be the problem of magnetic field interference, which will result in the transmission of data in a large number of duplicate and garbled information. In many cases, this will result in the failure of effective transmission between the two places, the transmission rate will rapidly decline, frequent need for repeated transmission problems.

If you have to deploy a network cable near the wire, be sure to pass it in a vertical rather than a parallel way. Once a case occurred in the late 90, the author encountered a new installation of coaxial cable can not work properly, this line is responsible for connecting the two buildings very close, after a variety of troubleshooting, the author suddenly found between two buildings overhead power line and coaxial cable entangled together, Therefore, the line is subjected to serious electromagnetic interference, not normal transmission of data.

Five, the network cable and "interference" equipment in the same area

In the real world, it's not just wires that can interfere with data lines. Fluorescent lamps, motors and related equipment capable of generating electric or magnetic interference can have a serious impact on the transmission of data to the wire. Therefore, when wiring, we need to make sure that the line is away from the area where the source of the interference is. Vi. limitations on actual distances are not considered

Before you start wiring, you should first verify the distance and scope of the connection you want to implement. For example, a typical Ethernet cabling using a common twisted pair is limited to a distance of 100 meters in gigabit networks. If the company chooses the million trillion or 40,000 trillion of technology, we should according to the corresponding specific design distance as the standard. For example, if the company plans to run a dual-stranded network at a distance of more than 100 meters, it must choose a 6A or higher level cable.

Vii. violations of the requirements of laws and regulations

Laws and regulations can play a decisive role in many ways, so it can pose a security risk if it does not meet local regulatory requirements. For example, the use of PVC-coated wiring in an air cooled environment is prohibited in most places. Because of the poisonous gas produced by the combustion of polyvinyl chloride, it may cause harm to firefighters and other emergency treatment personnel.

If you do not comply with local regulations when deploying low-voltage lines, businesses may face severe consequences of fines or even demolition and rewiring. Therefore, before the work begins, you should know where your responsibility lies and ensure that all relevant contractors have met the requirements of local regulations.

Viii. neglect to test the circuit

After wiring is completed, you should use various tools to test each line to make sure that they meet the predetermined requirements. The work involved includes verification of the specific specifications for transmission distances and cables. In the case of gigabit networks, the wiring needs to be validated to ensure that the appropriate requirements are met.

Ix. non-compliance with industry standards

As we all know, there are eight separate lines per wire. Therefore, as long as we can guarantee that the pattern used at both ends of the line is the same, and the type is consistent, it can be connected arbitrarily. It turns out that this view is wrong. So there is a reason to set industry standards, in the wiring standards need to take into account the distortion of the line and external environmental impact.

If you do not follow these standards in wiring, there may be interference and inefficiencies, and so on the overall performance of the network has a negative impact. The criteria mentioned here are eai/tia-568-a and B, which specify how the data class lines are deployed.

Ten, the new line did not carry out reasonable planning

When we need to use Ethernet switches in the network to handle the new added lines, it is important to note that a hasty use of an Ethernet switch will create an unknown factor and a risk of instability for the entire network without a reasonable scientific plan.

Typically, users who use a micro switch often need only one or two more ports, so there is no need to plan for traffic. As a result of additional port factors, it is possible that the problem may occur. If new services require a large amount of network resources to support, try to avoid bottlenecks.

Therefore, it should be noted that in the absence of an absolute need to take additional switches and network ports, it is necessary to consider other ways to increase network capacity, such as additional new lines to expand the network size.

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