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Awang WiFi Smart System source code, Awang WiFi source

System Introduction
This system is suitable for DD-WRT firmware routers and OOENWRT firmware routers or any routers with WiFiDog plugins.
The system is based on the technology development of thinkphp framework Php+mysql.
Main functions of the system:
1. No Password Authentication: Just click on the button or force to see the ad
1. Authentication Code authentication: Voucher authentication, one-time account number, the specified period limit
3. User name + Password Authentication: Typical authentication
4. SMS Authentication: SMS Verification code authentication, similar to the operator, KFC certification mode
5. Certification: Guide users to follow the merchant public number, automatically issued random password (get fans)
6. Backstage mobile phone number mass marketing function. 7 Router ads, images and text content.
7. Follow-up system upgrade is mainly advertising, mutual aid advertising system, access system, online ordering and so on.
Awang WiFi Intelligent System "is the router cloud control system,
Easy to achieve wireless landing phone authentication, authentication, one-touch internet,
Advertising control system, marketing system integrated in the cloud control system.
The system develops with php+mysql very mature technology, develops the function of each foundation,
Users can easily modify PHP pages or programs to achieve different operational requirements based on their operational needs.
Based on a router open source system such as OpenWrt firmware or DD-WRT firmware,
Suitable for the control needs of their own operational data, the certification system is deployed for internal use.
"Awang WiFi Smart system" to fully open source, fully with the OPENWRT firmware or DD-WRT firmware interface development,
Ideal for wireless certification needs and individual needs in various areas.
Tip: This system requires space support php+mysql+ pseudo-static, if after installation, open some of the page 404 error, not
is a system problem, but your host does not support pseudo-static.

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If there is nothing to understand, Baidu hi i true techarticle Awang WiFi Intelligent System Source code, Awang WiFi Source System Introduction This system is suitable for DD-WRT firmware router and OOENWRT firmware router or any router with WiFiDog plug-in. System based on ...

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