awr--Exporting AWR data

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sql> Create or replace directory Expdp_dir as '/home/oracle/dump ';D irectory created. Sql>@ $ORACLE _home/rdbms/admin/awrextr~~~~~~~~~~~~~awr extract~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This  Script would extract the AWR data for a range of snapshots ~ ~ into a dump file. The script would prompt users for the ~ ~ following information: ~ ~ (1                                ) Database ID ~ ~ (2) snapshot range to extract                                        ~ ~ (3) Name of directory object ~ ~ (4) Name of dump file ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~databases in this Workload Reposit Ory schema~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DB Id db Name Host------------------------------------  * 1725496767 DBT testdbthe default database ID is the local one: ' 1725496767 '. To use Thisdatabase ID, press<return>to continue, otherwise enter an alternative.  Enter value for dbid: 1725496767Using 1725496767 for Database idspecify the number of days of snapshots to choose From~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~entering the number of days (n) would result in the most recent (  N) days of snapshots being listed. Pressing<return>Withoutspecifying A number lists all completed snapshots. Enter value for Num_days:1Listing the last day ' s completed snapshotsdb Name snap Id snap Started---------------------------------------D                   BT-00:00 351 01:00 352 2015 02:00                   353 03:00 354 04:00 355 2015 05:00                   356 357-358-2015 08:00 359 10:00db Name snap Id snap Started-----------                   ----------------------------DBT 361 362 2015 12:52 363 12:52specify The Begin and End Snapshot ids~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~enter value for IS Gin_snap: -Begin Snapshot Id specified:350enter value for End_snap: theEnd Snapshot Id specified:360specify the Directory name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~directory Name directo Ry Path-------------------------------------------------------------------------------data_pump_dir/u01 /app/oracle/admin/dbt/dpdump/expdp_dir/home/oracle/dumporacle_ocm_config_dir/u01/app/oracl E/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/ccr/hosts/testdb/stateoracle_ocm_config_dir2/u01/app/ora Cle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/ccr/statexmldir/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/rdbms/xmlchoos e a Directory Name from the above list (case-sensitive). Enter value for Directory_name:Expdp_dirUsing the dump directory:expdp_dirspecify the Name of the Extract dump File~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the p Refix for the default dump file name was use this name, press<return>to continue, otherwise enteran alternative. Enter value for directory_name:expdp_dirusing the dump directory:expdp_dirspecify the name of the Extract dump file~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the prefix for the default dump file name was use this name, press 
    <return>to continue, otherwise enteran alternative. Enter value for file_name: awr_350_360Using the dump file prefix:awr_350_360| |  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  The AWR extract dump file would be located|   In the following directory/file:|/home/oracle/dump| awr_350_360.dmp|  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||  AWR Extract Started | | This operation would take a few moments.  the|  Progress of the AWR extract operation can be|   Monitored in the following directory/file:|/home/oracle/dump| Awr_350_360.log| End of AWR extractsql>

awr--Exporting AWR data

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