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[CSDN report] Some time ago, an article was published on Gigaom: whatunbelievablenewservicesdoesAmazonhaveontap? Now we know at least one of them, Amazon's incredible new service, Redshift data warehouse service, points to Oracle, IBM, and Teradata.

[CSDN report] Some time ago, an article on Gigaom was published: what unbelievable new services does Amazon have on tap? Now we know at least one of them, Amazon's incredible new service, Redshift data warehouse service, points to Oracle, IBM, and Teradata.

[CSDN report] Some time ago, an article on Gigaom was published: what unbelievable new services does Amazon have on tap? Now we know at least one of them, Amazon's new "Incredible" service-Redshift-data warehouse service, IT also targets IT giants such as Oracle, IBM, and Teradata! This shows that Amazon has not yet completed the construction of higher-level services. Of course, its competitors are not only old IT players, but also their own software partners.

Amazon released the new data warehouse service Redshift on Wednesday.

Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon, told his own Reinvent keynote that Redshift costs only a tenth of the data warehouse for old players.

Jassy believes that data warehouses are too costly for large enterprises and technically difficult to deploy on a large scale. At the same time, they are expensive for small enterprises. For these reasons, AWS builds a new type of service, which makes it easier to build a data warehouse. enterprises can choose different data warehouse services based on their own needs.

Amazon has tested Redshift's retail business on The results show that the annual cost is only 32000 US dollars, compared with the old player's "Million US Dollars" level data warehouse, redshift is undoubtedly a good choice. Traditional Data Warehouse applications cost between $19000 to $25000 (G/year), and only $1000 (G/year) on Redshift ).

Jassy said at a conference in Las Vegas: "The pricing model adopted by established technology companies is to charge customers as high as possible, and customers are disgusted with this ." He hopes that his department will face challenges to tech giants such as Oracle, IBM, and HP.

The share price of Teradata, a leading data warehouse service company, fell by 3.7% to $59.27 on Wednesday due to the hidden concerns of competition from AWS.

Background (Baidu encyclopedia ):

William H. the definition proposed by Inmon in the book "Building the Data Warehouse" published in 1991 is widely accepted-Data Warehouse is a topic-Oriented (Subject Oriented) integrated, relatively stable (Non-Volatile), and Time Variant data set, used to Support management Decision Making (demo-making Support ).

The data warehouse system is an information delivery platform that obtains data from the business processing system and organizes data using star and snowflake models, it also provides users with various means to obtain information and knowledge from data. Based on the functional structure, the Data warehouse system should include at least three key parts: Data Acquisition, Data Storage, and Data Access.

The construction of enterprise data warehouses is based on the accumulation of existing enterprise business systems and a large amount of business data. Data Warehouse is not a static concept. Only by timely handing over information to users who need this information for them to make decisions to improve their business operations can information play a role and make sense. Summarizing and reorganizing the information and providing it to corresponding management decision-makers in a timely manner is the fundamental task of data warehouse. Therefore, from the perspective of the industry, data warehouse construction is a project and a process.

Relationship between data warehouse and database

Databases have been widely used in the field of information technology. Almost all departments in our social life have various databases that store various types of data closely related to our lives. As a branch of a database, the concept of data warehouse is much closer to the database in terms of time.

Connection between the two:

The emergence of data warehouses is not to replace databases. Currently, most data warehouses are managed by relational database management systems. Databases and Data Warehouses complement each other.

Differences between the two:

  • Different starting points: databases are designed for transactions and data warehouses are designed for topics.
  • Different Data Storage: databases generally store online transaction data, while data warehouses generally store historical data.
  • Different design rules: database design is designed to avoid redundancy as much as possible. Generally, it is designed to comply with the paradigm rules. Data Warehouses are designed to intentionally introduce redundancy and adopt an anti-paradigm design.
  • Different functions are provided: databases are designed to capture data, and data warehouses are designed to analyze data,
  • Different basic elements: the basic elements of a database are fact tables, and the basic elements of a data warehouse are dimension tables.
  • Different capacities: databases have much smaller basic capacities than data warehouses.
  • Different service objects: databases are designed for efficient transaction processing, and service objects are enterprise business processing staff. Data Warehouses are designed to analyze data for decision making, the target audience is the decision-making personnel of the enterprise. (Compile/@ CSDN Wang Peng, review/Zhong Hao)

Amazons new data warehousing service takes aim at "old guard" IT giants

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