Azure Linux Virtual machine openlogic_centos7.0 build PostgreSQL database

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Recently, the PostgreSQL database needs to be used.

The environment I built is:

Azure platform, the operating system is the Openlogic centos7.0 that comes with the Azure platform.

Construction process:

1. Use the system to bring your own PostgreSQL package. If you build only the PostgreSQL database, just install the PostgreSQL server.

sudo yum install postgresql-server PostgreSQL

2, after the installation is complete, start the database, using root permissions.

--First need to initialize the database Postgresql-setup initdb--at boot auto start systemctl enable postgresql.service--start database Systemctl start Postgresql.service

3, when installing the PostgreSQL server package, 1 Postgres users will be created, the UID and GID of the user is 26, if you want to use the non-root user su to Postgres, you need to set its password. (This step is optional)

4, switch to Postgres user, set database user postgres password

#su postgres-bash-3.2$psql-u postgres postgres= #alter user postgres with password ' new password '; Postgres=#\q

5. Configure PostgreSQL so that it can connect remotely

The following two files default directory for/var/lib/pgsql/data--configuration postgresql.conf file modified to listen_addresses = ' * '--Configure pg_hba.conf Add host All 222.137.XXX.XXX/24 MD5 are: Host type, database, user, IP address allowing remote connection, access method

6. Open Firewall Port 5432

Firewall-cmd--permanent--add-port=5432/tcpsystemctl Restart Firewalld

7,azure Management platform Open 5432 port

8, you can now use the client to connect to the PostgreSQL database server.

[Email protected]:~$ psql-h postgres-w

Azure Linux Virtual machine openlogic_centos7.0 build PostgreSQL database

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