Azure Metro Portal (1) Overview

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In the author's previous article, we use the domestic by the century connected operation of Azure China, the Management interface address is:

If you are using Azure global overseas, the corresponding management interface is:


If you often use azure global overseas, you will find that the default login management interface becomes:

The code name for this management interface is Ibiza Portal, as follows:


Note: The management interface has not yet landed in the country by the century connected operation of Azure China.

Compared to the old Azure management interface, the new Azure Management interface features:

1. Improved User Experience

The new Azure management interface is a pure Metro style that allows users to quickly create and use responsive resources on the interface

2. Added Azure Resource Manager (Resource Group)

The old Azure management interface, the user permissions are the same. For example, the permissions of the account Administrator and the co-administrator are the same.

With Azure Resource Manager, you can achieve access to specific resources. For example, some users can only read from some of the azure resources, while other users can read and write to some of the azure resources

For additional features of the Azure Resource group, I'll explain in more detail in a later article

3. More advanced features are implemented

Prior to the old Azure management interface, many advanced features need to be implemented based on Azure PowerShell, such as binding VIP (virtual IP, VPN IP address), binding Dip (virtual intranet IP address), creating Redis cache, etc.

Using Azure's new management interface, you can easily create and use these resources in a new Azure management interface, directly via mouse input.



Azure Metro Portal (1) Overview

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