Azure quickly creates a Web server.

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Pre-Deployment Preparation:

Because of the use of Web apps for rapid deployment, you need to have an azure account and have a related subscription.

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Start by creating a Web app, and you can look at the introduction section first.

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Click Create Web App, set app name, select subscription information (if you have multiple subscriptions). Select a resource group, a resource group can be new, or an existing item can be used.

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Then create, wait a moment, and the creation is complete.

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This is the equivalent of our operating environment has been built. Here we can also look at the initial environment.

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The environment is set up well. The next step is to import the files into the appropriate directory. Then test whether it will work correctly. Here Azure offers a variety of deployment options, such as common FTP, Git, and more.

FTP upload. Because the area network is unstable. So use the online git approach here.

First find WordPress's GTI Hub through search engines. Then find the clone address.

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Then select the deployment option, external repository.

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Copy the URL address of the Git hub.

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Then submit, wait a moment, it's done. But sometimes the network problem is very slow, you can also use the local git library. Review the overview information and an extra external repository item. :

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Click the URL address to test whether the website can open normally.

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Found to open normally, then set up the database.

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Azure quickly creates a Web server.

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