Azure Technology 06-Virtual machines-local VHDs upload to Azure and create virtual machines

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AzureThe virtual machine image in is not onlyMicrosoftof their ownWindowsServerThere are also based onLinuxof theUbuntu,CentOS,SUSE,WindowsServerThe virtual machine also has its ownSQL Server,Visual Studio,SharePointthe user's needs vary widely, and we may need toAzureon the deployment of aWin7, or we need to put our own currentHyper-Vuploaded to the virtual machine created on theAzurego to management, how to do, this article describes how to create and uploadVHDformat of the virtual machine toAzure, uploading a virtual machine needs to meet the following3Conditions:

1 , the format of the virtual disk must be VHD , if your virtual machine is VHDS Please convert it first to VHD re-upload

2 , the virtual disk must be a fixed-size disk

3 , the virtual disk system disk size cannot exceed 127G

Into the Chase,

first on the local Hyper-V Create a virtual disk, where you should be aware of creating a format VHD , and type selection Fixed size ,

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When creating a virtual machine Select Use Now disk, select the virtual disk you just created

After the virtual machine is created, install the system, configure the application, and so on, skip over

The next step is to turn on remote access for the virtual machine, shutting down the virtual

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then we need to use a tool Azcopy to upload a virtual machine, the tool is the easiest to use, as far as I can see .

Open a command prompt and enter a command using the Azcopy upload virtual machine to Azure Cloud storage for everyone to download

Azcopy here's how to use the tool:

Azcopy < Local VHD folder to store > < target location, cloud storage container >/destkey:< Store Key >/s/blobtype:page

Note: Upload the virtual disk must be a page blob , the basics of storage I'll be talking about later.

upload time according to VHD size and local egress bandwidth.

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wait for the upload to complete, click Next, log in Azureportal go up and select a virtual machine -- disk, click on the "create" disk below

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then navigate to the uploaded storage location and locate the disk you just uploaded, because I'm uploading the system disk, so tick VHD contains the operating system, if you upload a data disk you do not need to tick, and then click Finish

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Wait for disk creation to complete, create virtual machine

Select Create from library, click on my disk to see the disk you just created, next

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To complete the creation of a virtual machine by step

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Then wait for the virtual machine to be created, and so on when the virtual machine status is displayed as running, click Connect, to remote connect the virtual machine, the virtual machine is running normally, done!

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Azure Technology 06-Virtual machines-local VHDs upload to Azure and create virtual machines

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