B2B e-commerce: are Chinese enterprises ready? (2)

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I. Outlook: are B2B e-commerce in China ready?
Based on the analysis in the previous article, we can draw the following conclusions:
1. B2B e-commerce is in its infancy in both the West and China. There are still many uncertainties in the development process.
2. The social structure and cultural differences make it more difficult for China to develop B2B e-commerce. Although some differences (government roles, industry structures, and decision-making concentration) do not seem to be a real problem, the lack of infrastructure and language problems, non-standard business processes are not a problem that can be solved in a short period of time. In this way, many Western B2B business ideas must be combined with the facts in China.
3. B2B e-commerce development meets the needs of Chinese enterprises. This is because today more and more Chinese enterprises are moving towards the international market and they will have to integrate into the wave of world e-commerce development. E-commerce will help them expand exports and improve inefficient supply chain operations. Therefore, B2B development opportunities in China may be different from those in the West.
2. Potential opportunities for B2B e-commerce development in China
1. Traditional large State-owned enterprises in China will be the leader of B2B e-commerce
In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the new economy, traditional large State-owned enterprises have to continuously reduce operating costs, reduce production costs, and reduce expenditures in various stages to create value-added profits. The Internet will be the best tool they can use. In particular, the B2B e-commerce platform can efficiently manage the originally inefficient operation of the value chain and gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, many large enterprises in China are actively engaged in e-commerce, especially leading enterprises in the industry. They are one or several large enterprises that occupy the main position of the supply chain in a certain field, in the past, there was a good foundation for management. The close integration of e-commerce with their traditional business will make them even more powerful. For example, Haier launched an online procurement and online distribution plan in 1999, putting thousands of suppliers and distributors online.
Leading enterprises are pushing e-commerce more vigorously than e-commerce providers or. com companies. Because, from the perspective of the enterprise environment, leading enterprises will have a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises at the top of the supply chain to provide it with material materials, and many distribution enterprises at the bottom will help it with distribution, when it builds a new e-commerce environment on the e-platform as the supply chain leader, in the fierce competition, small and medium-sized enterprises that are away from the internet will have to connect with the chain owner and join the e-commerce supply chain.
On the other hand, for small and medium-sized enterprises, they are always looking for opportunities to become more links in the transaction chain for their own survival and development, and they will be connected with different chain owners, for example, enterprises that supply goods to Haier may also supply goods to TCL and Konka in the future. With the development and popularization of online procurement and online distribution, small and medium-sized enterprises urgently need an E-commerce platform established by a third party under the pressure of market competition, the online trading market is catering to this demand. It can change the one-to-one or one-to-many mode in traditional trade, and become a multi-to-many mode, and create a space for online transactions that many buyers and sellers gather. Buyers and sellers can not only find more trading partners, increase business opportunities, but also enjoy more convenient and standardized business services to gain a good business environment.
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