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Leng control system best by cold source manufacturers to do the reason

1. Cold machine manufacturers on the parameters of the air conditioning is very clear, clearly know the cold machine load curve, can optimize the cooling machine plus load reduction of the most reasonable time to achieve the best energy-saving effect

2. Independent CSM hardware module, built-in different cold machine model characteristics, specially responsible for the cooling machine plus and minus load

3. Accurate estimation of flow, and not just rely on flowmeter, flowmeter error, in the perfect installation still has 15% error, the profit through the model algorithm, real response to actual load

4. Directly read the host parameters, can be done to export water temperature reset

5.156Kbps transfer rate, the industry's highest transfer rate

6. Dual CPU independent responsible for control and communication with very high reliability

7. Pure Web architecture, no software installation, no user limit

8. HTTP-enabled SSL security (same level of security as Network Bank)

9. Using the Model prediction method to calculate the cold/heat load, it can reflect the actual load demand more than the temperature difference method, the pressure difference method, or the temperature difference flow method.

10. Automatic online analysis of the actual performance of the equipment and the cooling/thermal response characteristics of the building

11. Consider nearly hundreds of variables affecting the efficiency of the energy station, including flow, temperature, environmental humidity, time-sharing price, etc.

12. Every five minutes according to the latest situation in the safest and most energy-efficient way to adjust the operation of the various parts of the energy station, including equipment start and stop, water temperature setting, valve opening and closing, etc.

13. Do not preset any logic and experience rules, flexibly and automatically for each user to tailor the optimal control strategy

14. Can save more than 15% of electricity bill than conventional automatic control system

15. Can maintain the indoor temperature and user comfort more stably

16. Optimal start-up strategy to further achieve energy saving

17. Time-sharing and feedback technology to achieve export water temperature and temperature reset, energy-saving effect increased 10%~40%

Cold Machine related knowledge points:

01.cop= coefficient of performance performance coefficient, also some said control optimization optimization, general centrifuge cop not less than 5.1, screw machine cop not less than 4.9

02. Chilled water supply, backwater should 5~6度 temperature difference, cooling water supply, backwater 5~6度 temperature difference. Super high-rise hotel chilled water, cooling

The water supply and backwater temperature must be determined by analysis and calculation.

03. Five operating conditions with a cold storage host:

    • Cooling water cooling unit with duplex condition
    • Cold storage device (ICE storage tank) for cooling
    • Ice storage device and conventional centrifuge (2 centrifuges) for cooling
    • Duplex Centrifuge and conventional centrifuge (2 units) for cooling
    • Conventional Centrifuge (2 units) for cooling
    • Conventional screw machine cooling
Cold machine Three major procedures must be realized

1. Automatic adding and reducing machine for cold machine;

2. The control of the bypass valve;

3. Refrigeration pump frequency control;

three criteria for adding and reducing a machine strategy:

1. Chilled water supply backwater temperature difference;

2. Average load of cold machine;

3. End Cold quantity demand and cooling machine actual cooling capacity

Common sense of refrigeration unit

1. The resistance of the water chiller is generally 60~100kpa, the resistance of the pipeline is better than the frictional resistance in the 100~300pa/m, the local resistance can be considered as the resistance of 50%, the resistance of the air conditioner die is generally in 20~50kpa, the resistance of the control valve is not less than 30~50kpa

2. Pump performance parameters: Flow, head, efficiency, speed, supporting power

3. Centrifugal chillers run under low load, prone to surge and disadvantage to centrifuge.

4.COP Performance factor: Cooling (heat) produced in the cold or heat is only compared with the power consumption.

5. Head: Unit weight The energy obtained by the liquid through the pump is called lift, which is approximately the pressure difference between the pump outlet and the inlet.

6. Pressure-difference bypass valve is to ensure the cold load exists.

knowledge points of plate heat exchanger

H1: one side inlet

H2: two times side effluent

H3: Two-time side inlet

H4: one-side effluent

ba-wg-Cold Source

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