Back-end Development book list

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One, Java language 1.1 Basic

Java Core Technology (Volume 1): Basic Knowledge (9th edition)
"Thinking in Java"
"Effective Java" 1.2 concurrent programming

Java concurrent Programming Combat 1.3 Spring

The inside of Spring technology: An in-depth analysis of spring architecture and Design Principles (2nd edition) 1.4 JVM

"Java Performance Authority Guide"
"Deep understanding of the Java Virtual Machine 2nd Edition" II, operating system and network

An in-depth understanding of computer Systems (2nd edition of the original book)
"Linux kernel Design and implementation 3rd Edition"
"TCP/IP Details Volume 1: Protocol" three, algorithm

Introduction to Algorithms
"Data structure and algorithm analysis-java Language Description 3rd Edition"
The beauty of mathematics
"Programming Zhuji" four, design pattern

Design Patterns: The basics of reusable object-oriented software
Head of the design model
"Abrasive design pattern": Complete coverage of the 23 design patterns described by GOF and combined with the author's hands-on practice, all cases are based on Java. Five, NoSQL

"Redis Design and implementation"
"HBase authoritative guide" six, Big Data

"Hadoop Authority Guide" Vii. Distributed Systems

The concept and design of distributed systems
"Distributed System principle and Model 2nd Edition" viii. architecture Design

Software system architecture: using viewpoints and perspectives to collaborate with stakeholders 2nd edition
Appropriate software architecture-risk-driven design methodology
"Large Web site Technology architecture: Core Principles and Case studies"
"Micro-Service Design"
"Programmer must Read software architecture" Nine, tool 9.1 Git

"Pro Git 2nd"
"Git Authority Guide" 9.2 Maven

"Maven Combat" 9.3 UML

"The Essence of UML: A concise guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language" (3rd edition)
UML Java Programmer 's Guide 10, the self-cultivation of the programmer

"The path of programmer cultivation-from small to professional"
The way of code neatness
"Programmer's Professionalism"
Refactoring: Improving the design of existing code: Classics

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