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Instead of returning from a dream to reality, it is better to return from reality to reality. Although the world is not so peaceful and restless, it is full of familiar human nature and warmth. From small to large, I naturally like to think about the issues of life and material. Sometimes I really want to be a scientist engaged in Life Research. Unfortunately, I lack many things, such as focus and diligence. I don't know if I am naturally lazy, but I think I should not be a lazy person, But I seem so weak and incompetent. Another big mistake I made was that I didn't go to college. This made me miss the opportunity to contact the higher-level ideological exchanges. Now I can't find any communication, but I can only think about it by myself, I was isolated.

In real life, I am a web designer and cannot add a teacher. I did this because I couldn't find a job and I was interested in computers, I was engaged in an antique computer at home. In fact, there was no idea about web design at that time, and I did not know what to do. It was also shabby to say that when I graduated from high school, I could not find a job, I had no money, and I could not even afford a book. When my family saw me sitting on my computer all day without looking for a job, they said that I had no trouble.

In the eyes of others, I am a bit arrogant. In fact, when I go to school, I will blushing when talking to girls. However, I am still a little clever at the bottom. I can't tell you the opposite. I don't have the money to buy books. In fact, there is a good way to do this. I ran a bookstore every three minutes and started to know what Photoshop is, what is FrontPage? Later I learned DW and flash. I remember the days when I got a built-in moden from someone else, secretly got up in the middle of the night, and spent the middle of the night downloading something and searching for free space everywhere. Because the host fan was so loud, I was covered with a cotton quilt, and the monitor was also covered. I also wrapped it in it. After a long time, my home phone bills rose. Of course, I was blamed by my father.

Later, I accidentally saw a person on the Internet looking for a webpage from a website in this city. now I think it was quite rural. I went to the company for an interview with great respect, my previous investment was not in vain. After I showed them my first personal homepage, I stayed in this company. Here, I really know, what kind of industry is web design. I started to go to the Forum and gained more insights. I have made rapid progress. In the past two years, I have made many websites for local enterprises.

I don't know if I always like to do some non-mainstream things. Soon I began to have no passion for this job, or I had no passion for this kind of work. I resigned and went home to start the so-called Soho. I met a good partner who came out of a stable job and established his own company. He is a very ambitious person and has nothing to say to his friends. As I become lazy, I always drag him to my work. In fact, I am very painful. I am sorry for myself, but don't be sorry, brother. It's easy to sit in front of your computer and spend a day alone. Think about your age, 25, it's really not small, you have to have your own career, although not asking for anything big rich and expensive, but I still like the feeling that passion is burning, I have suffered a lot, and many things are holding down. I think these unhappiness can be released only after success. No matter what, I have never been a man who cannot afford to lose.

There are many other things to talk about, such as feelings. I want to recall my love history from elementary school, except for online dating. Now I have never really talked about love as normal people do, now, when I was in elementary school in year 45, I liked a girl in the class. The feeling was sweet. As I said before, I am a guy who looks a little Bonny, when talking to a girl, she blushed. My feelings during my students were spent in a crush, but my crush was bitter. Now I think it's sweet, because in my imagination, the girl you like is always so perfect. Recently I saw a film called "Self-entertainment". I said it was a good film. The rice red in the film secretly fell in love with the beautiful heroine aloe vera, I like people like mi Jihong. I feel silly like me. I have a crush on a girl and I have a crush on my crush for a long time. In fact, I also chased girls, but later I came to the conclusion that girls would not like silly boys like me, and I was not as stupid as Mi Jihong, I bought my house and bought a DV. I dreamed of making a movie for my favorite actress.

Now I don't want to think about anything. All I can grasp is my own success. Failed people are not qualified to seek love and love, but I will be grateful to those who care about and help me, I am also a good man.

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