Back Track 5 r1 installation localization and update

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Back Track 5 r1 installation localization and update

I switched to Ubuntu last night. I really couldn't accept the speed of 11.10, And I really miss GNOME 2. I was going to downgrade it like the Forum Xiami. However, after searching, it seems that GNOME 3 cannot be downgraded, or it is too troublesome. So I plan to reinstall ubuntu 8 ~ 10. When downloading the DVD image, I suddenly found that the Back Track R1 ISO image was stored in the mobile hard disk.Started.

What is Back Track?

Back Track is simply a release based on popular linux releases... It integrates many classic security audit tools. Of course, the knife is a dual-Blade. You can use it to protect others, or to harm others. You want to use it less. For more information, see Baidu.

Install Back Track 5

This is EASY. We recommend that you create live usb for installation. For details, refer to the official page. Click Back Track 5 R1 is UBUNTU 10.04. If the tool has Back Track 5 R1, select it. If there is wood, select UBUNTU 10.04.

We recommend that you connect to the Internet during the installation process. If the network cable is inserted, Back Track 5 (BT5) can be installed faster, (I Feel Like DO LOOP is used in the old UBUNTU installation process to wait for network feedback). After setting your keyboard layout, time zone, and other information all the way to NEXT, wait patiently until the installation is complete and prompt to restart, click the button, and then unplug the USB flash drive when the computer is completely restarted. (Because live usb ends all read/write operations before the next boot, if you don't want your USB flash drive to crash)

Start Back Track 5 R1

When the familiar page appears, select BT5 and press enter to wait for the system to start. The system prompts you to enter your account and password in about half a minute. Use default accountRoot, PasswordToorAnd press Enter. Here, we will prompt you That the linux Password is not displayed for security purposes. If you have entered the password, press Enter. You can't see the * model or the character you typed does not mean that you have typed it. A roommate said (you didn't typed it... My sweat) The system prompts you that the password is toor by default. When you enter startx to enter the graphical interface, the installation is complete.

Do not hesitate to typeStartx, Enter BT5.

Start Localization

CTRL + ALT + T open the terminal and enter lsb_release-a directly. Confirm your ubuntu version and you can see 10.04, LTS.

UBUNTU 10.04 is a long-term supported version, so we need to retrieve some of Back Track 5 R1's simplified items. If you want to upgrade ubuntu or beautify these products, don't worry, take it slowly, you can't eat hot tofu. By the way, although the Back Track 5 R1 software is compiled, the upgrade of UBUNTU may make some programs unable to run in other environments (libraries and dependency upgrades, therefore, the most suitable version is UBUNTU's long-term support version. This is also true for windows xp.

Open Official Archive Mirrors for Ubuntu and find out if you think the network speed will not affect your source. I chose the lovely Qingdao University. The reason is that the first is the largest bandwidth, and the second is the latest version.

Although the example in the UBUNTU community tells us to use nano to modify files, the practice tells us that this is the way to save trouble.

Gedit/etc/apt/sources. list

Copy the following content, paste it into gedit, save it, and disable gedit. The following is the source address of Qingdao University. If the connection speed is not satisfactory, visit the official image site above and replace the following content with the source with the one with the highest speed.


Update the package data in the source list and prepare to complete our BT5.

Apt-get update

Download the Chinese data and the classic tools in ubuntu, such as the new version, image capture, remote management, desktop sharing, and language support. Here we started with another machine, hitting the name, and then found it very painful. I was too lazy and stupid, So Baidu got a log with a full name. Thanks to the author: but he seems to have done it in a virtual machine, and he should have had apt-get install other things before, so the command should be modified.

First, update the general tools and materials, and especially like the linux installation dependencies. This will help you download the used libraries together without missing files,

If you only need Chinese support

Apt-get install language-pack-gnome-zh language-support-zh language-pack-gnome-zh-base language-pack-zh-base language-selector gnome-utils

If you think UBUNTU software updates, remote desktops, and software centers are easy to use, you can:

Apt-get install synaptic language-pack-gnome-zh language-support-zh language-pack-gnome-zh-base gnome-system-tools language-pack-zh language-pack- zh-base language-selector gnome-utils tsclient vinagre update-manager software-center

Wait a long time. Execute the following command after the update.

Apt-get install language-selector update-manager

Is there an error? Well, certainly, the Library version that BT5 carries is higher than the software dependency. So what to do. Uninstall the two libraries of the higher version. The command is:

Apt-get remove language-selector-common apt-get remove update-manager-core

Run the command again.

Apt-get install language-selector update-manager

Next, modify the environment variable.


LANG = "zh_CN.UTF-8" LANGUAGE = "zh_CN: zh"

Then restart your Chinese version of Back Track 5 R1. Next, if you want to upgrade, you just need to modify the source of the version you want to upgrade,

For example, if you want to upgrade Back Track 5 R1 to UBUNTU 10.10, you only need to change the source

Deb maverick main deb-src maverick main

Then execute

Apt-get update & apt-get-y upgrade

Add the UBUNTU 11.04 Source

Deb natty main deb-src natty main

UBUNTU 11.10 Source

Deb oneiric main deb-src oneiric main

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