Back up the cisco router configuration file to make the router more secure

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It is very important to know some knowledge about backing up the cisco router configuration file to make our vro more secure. Here we will give you a detailed introduction to this issue in several steps. The COPY command is often used during vro configuration. Next we will introduce how to use the COPY command to back up the configuration file, and how to COPY and back up the cisco router configuration file from the TFTP server.

1. copy running-config startup-config

This command copies the correct configurations stored in RAM to the nvram of the vro. In this way, the router will use this correct configuration during the next startup.

2. copy running-config tftp

This command copies the correct configuration file in RAM to the TFTP server. We strongly recommend that the network administrator do this because if the router cannot load the configuration file normally from NVRAM, we can copy the correct configuration file from TFTP.

It168 # copy running-config tftp
Address or name of remote host
Destination file name [it168-confg]?
624 bytes copied in 7.05 secs
It168 #

After the network administrator enters the command and press enter, the vro requires that the IP address of the TFTP server be entered. After the Server IP address is correctly entered, the vro also requires the network administrator to provide the name of the configuration file for backing up the cisco router. Generally, we recommend that you use a file name that is easily remembered by the Administrator. At this time, the router will prompt the Administrator to press YES to confirm the operation.

3. copy tftp running-config

If there is a problem with the vro configuration file, we can copy and back up the cisco vro configuration file from the TFTP server. The specific configuration is as follows:

It168 # copy tftp running-config
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename []? It168-confg
Destination file name [running-config]?
Accessing tftp: //
Loading it168-confg from
(Via fastethernet 0/0 ):
[OK-624 bytes]
624 bytes copied in 9.45 secs
It168 #

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