Back up these 148 sentences, you can raise your level, not just in literature.

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1. If you know me, it means my heart is worried. If you don't know me, it means what I want. (Wang fengli from the Book of Songs)

2. what do people do if they don't die. (Feng xiangshu, The Book of Songs)

3. The speaker is not guilty. (Book of Songs)

4. You can attack the jade. (The Book of Songs)

5. Send me to Tao and report to Li. (The Book of Songs)

6. If you commit a sin of the day, you can still violate it. If you commit a sin of yourself, you cannot live. (Shang Shu)

7. Full loss and modest benefits. (Shang Shu Dayu Yu Mo)

8. from good to evil. (Mandarin)

9. If you do not want to perform multiple actions, you must stop yourself. (Left)

10. Be prepared and prepared. (Left)

11. Is it true that people are not Sages? And can be changed. (Left)

12. Wise, wise, and wise. (Lao Tzu)

13. Good Faith, good faith or not. (Lao Tzu)

14. The treasure of happiness depends on the treasure of happiness. (Lao Tzu)

15. The wood of the hug was born at the end of the mill. The 9-story platform started with a treasure. The journey of a thousand miles began with a full foot. (Lao Tzu)

16. easy to learn. (From the Analects of Confucius)

17. Do not do what you want. (Yan Yuan)

18. To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. (The Analects of Confucius)

19. The gentleman is honest and the little man is very angry. (The Analects of Confucius)

20. The old cold, and then the pine and cypress. (The Analects of Confucius)

21. If you want to learn but not think about it, then think about it. (The Analects of Confucius is political)

22. Do not be confused, and those who are benevolent are not worried, and those who are brave are not afraid. (The Analects of Confucius)

23. Who have never been there? And can be changed. (Analects of Confucius)

24. Knowing is knowing, not knowing, or knowing. (The Analects of Confucius is political)

25. The person who knows is better than the person who is happy. (The Analects of Confucius)

26. The body is in the correct position, but the body is not in the correct position, although not from. (Zi Lu)

27. For the threesome, we must have our teacher ready: choose from the good, and change from the bad. (The Analects of Confucius)

28. The journey to the boulevard is a public journey in the world. (Salute)

29. Everything should be done in advance. (Liji moderate)

30. Learn and learn about the problem, and then learn about the problem. (Gift note)

31. You don't know what to do. (Gift note)

32. The road is long, and I will try again and again. (Qu Yuan Li Sao)

33. The size is short and the size is limited. (Chu Ci Bu ju)

34. Do your best to believe in books. (Mencius)

35. live in sorrow and happiness. (Mencius)

36. Too much assistance and no support. (Mencius, grandson, ugly)

37. The people are expensive, followed by social security, and the gentleman is light. (Mencius)

38. If you are poor, you will be able to stand alone. (Mencius)

39. Time is not as good as time, and time is not as good as people. (Mencius, grandson, ugly)

40. Rich people cannot be masturbate, poor people cannot be moved, and mighty people cannot be bent. (Mencius Teng wengong)

41. Perseverance. (Xun Zi advised)

42. I was born with no knowledge. (Chuang Tzu health care master)

43. The friendship between the sons is as simple as water. (Zhuangzi)

44. erudition, interrogation, careful thinking, discerning, and traveling. (Moderate)

45. Linyuan Xiaoyu, it is better to get out of the net. (Lin Xun, Huai Nanzi)

46. Wind, Xiao, Yi, water and cold, and the strong man will not return again. (Warring States)

47. Tao lifuyan is an easy nut to crack. (General Li Chuan from Historical Records)

48. The ambition of Yan que is well known. (Historical records of Chen Shijia)

49. In the midst of strategizing, the game exceeded a thousand miles away. (Historical Records Gao zubenji)

50. Zhongyan is good for the ears, and medicine is good for the disease. (Shiji liuhou Shijia)

51. A person's inherent death, or greater than Taishan, or lighter than hongmao. (Shi Qibao Ren shaoqing)

52. The wise may have a loss. The wise may have a loss. (Historical records, Huaiyin, and Hou liuchuan)

53. Wire Saw/Wood disconnected, water and stone worn. (Multiplication of Chinese books)

54. If you do not know, unless you do not know yourself. (Han Yi multiplication Shang Shu Wu Wang)

55. The boss is miserable. (Han Lefu changgehang)

56, the wind and the grass, the cold see after the withered. (Post-HanShu Wang Ba Chuan)

57. Fail to hide the sun. (Hou HanShu Feng YiChuan)

58. The Golden Stone is open. (Post-HanShu guangling Si Wang Jing Chuan)

59. Do not forget the knowledge of poverty. (Later Han Shu song hongchuan)

60. zhishi does not drink the water of stealing springs, and those who are cheap do not eat. (Houhan)

61. Old man Fuxi, with a vision of a thousand miles; the martyr's twilight years, strong heart. (Although the Three Kingdoms Cao turtles are still born)

62. Mountains are not too high, and the sea is not too deep. (Cao's song line in the Three Kingdoms)

63. It is impossible to learn without knowledge or ambition.
(Zhuge Sun Zi Shu)

64. not indifferent to ambition, not peaceful and far-reaching. (Zhuge Sun Zi Shu)

65. Do not treat evil as small, not good or small. (Liu Bei, Three Kingdoms)

66. The State is based on the people and the people are based on food. (Three kingdoms in the Western Jin Dynasty)

67. It's hard to make a day in the morning. (Taoyuanming Miscellaneous Poems in the Eastern Jin Dynasty)

68. Don't worry about poverty or wealth. (From Dong Jin Tao Yuanming to Wu Liu)

69. The year is in spring, and the day is in the morning. (Xiao duo, South Korea)

70. It is better to break the ground, not to fill the world. (Bei Qi Shu yuan Jing An Chuan)

71. Fans of the Board. (Xin Tang Shu Yuan Xing Chong Chuan)

72. Master Cheng Chen. (Tang Taizong presented Xiao Yu)

73. Good fortune. (Tang Wang Bo sends du Shaofu to Ren shuchuan)

74. Let's go to the next level. (Don Wang's house is on the zhuque Building)

75. Huangsha baizhan wear a gold armor and will not return the Loulan. (Tang Wang Changling from junhang)

76. Clear Water and hibiscus, naturally carved. (Tang Li Bai's poems)

77. Dapeng started with the same wind in one day and rose to 90 thousand miles. (Tang Li Bai Shang Li Yu)

78. All those who wish to embrace the bright moon and embrace the bright moon. (Tang Li Bai Xuzhou Xie xiaobie Shu Yun)

79. I went out with laughter, and my generation was not a spower.
(Tang Li Bai: children from Nanling; Beijing)

80. By nature, our products will be useful, and the vast amount of money will be restored. (Tang Li Bai will enter the wine)

81. Sometimes, the sky is everywhere. (Tang Li Bai's road difficulties)

82. xingyu wrote a pen to shake Wuyue, and the poems were smiling. (Tang Li Bai jiangshangyin)

83. I am not happy because of my powerful power. (Tang Li Bai sleepwalking and leaving others)

84. read books and give them a try.
(Tang Dudu Fu gives Wei Zuoyi 22yun)

85. The peak will be seen in the mountains. (Tang Du Fu wangyue)

86. The pen fell into the wind and rain, and the poems turned into weeping ghosts and gods.
(Sent by Tang Du Fu to the 12)

87. Xin song does not hate a thousand feet, and the evil bamboo should be chopped into a hundred thousand Poles. (Tang Du Fu)

88. ercao was born out of his name and never let the rivers flow.
(The Tang Dudu Fu opera has six exclusive sentences)

89. I don't know who to worry about. (Wang Jian, Tang, and Wang Yue on the 15th night)

90. Who said nothing, reported sanchunhui.
(Tang mengjiao youziyin)

91. Things shall not be equal to things. (TANG Han Yu sent Meng dongye preface)

92. The number of trees is ridiculous. (TANG Han Yu calls Zhang Ji)

93. The industry is superior to diligence, and the industry is destroyed by thinking. (Tang Hanyu's learning solution)

94. qingkong, a crane on the cloud, will introduce poetry to the blue sky. (Tang LIU Yu Xiqiu CI)

95. sailing along the side of the boat, the health of the disease is everywhere. (Tang Liu Yuxi pays for the early meeting of Lotte Yangzhou)

96. Despite the hard work of qiantao, the flood of sand began to go to gold.
(Tang Liu Yuxi langtaosha)

97. The mountains are not high. If you have any fairy, the water is not deep. (Tang Liu Yuxi Ting Ming)

98. talking and laughing have hongru, and there is no white Ding between exchanges.
(Tang Liu Yuxi Ting Ming)

99. Why have you known each other. (Tang baijuyi Shaoxing)

100. May the sky be a beaver, and may the earth be a junction. (Tang baijuyi changsong)

101. Sometimes it takes a long time to complete. (
Tang baijuyi changsong)

102. If the test jade is to be burned for three days, the identification material must be waiting for seven years. (Tang Baiju yiyan)

103. Once the sea was difficult for water, Wushan was not a cloud.
(Tang yuanli Lisi)

104. The year-old flowers are similar, and the year-old people are different. (Tang Liu xiyi)

105. Mo Xiaojun, the drunken sandground, and several people from ancient times! (
Tang Wang Han Liangzhou CI)

106. I don't know how to study hard, and I regret that I am late. (Tang Yan Zhenqing)

107. After the flowers are collected into honey, who is working hard for who is sweet. (
Tang luyin bee)

108, ten years of grinding a sword, frost blade has never tried. (Tanja island swordsman)

109 who knows about Chinese food, grain is hard. (Tang Li shennongong)

110. Why don't the man Take Wu hook and charge for Guanshan fifty states. (Tang lihe Nanguo)

111, Spring Silkworm to dead silk side, wax torch into ash tears start to dry. (Tang lishang has no question)

112, no colorful Phoenix Wings, heart and soul. (Tang lishang has no question)

113. It was difficult to meet each other, and Dongfeng was powerless. (Tang lishang has no question)

114 Zhuang Sheng Xiaomeng fan butterfly, hope the Emperor spring heart to trust the cuckoo. (Tang Li Shang Yin Jin Se)

115, the past and the country and home, from diligence and defeat by luxury. (Tang Li Shangyin)

116. Tonghua Wanli danshan Road, young Fengqing in old fengsheng. (Tang Li Shangyin)

117. The sky is high. (Tang Seng cloud view)

118. Cutting constantly and worrying about it is not a taste of sorrow. (Five generations of Li xiaowu night song)

119 last night, the west wind withered green trees, tall buildings on its own, look at the sky. (Five generations of Yan Shu butterfly Lihua)

120. The world is happy.
(Song Fan Zhongyan Yue yanglou)

121, the residual snow shoots are still orange, frozen thunder to sprout. (Song Ouyang Xiu opera answer Yuan Zhen)

122. sorrow and labor can survive and Yi Yu can survive. (Song Ouyang Xiu lingguan Chuan preface)

123, the evil often accumulate in the micro, and Chi-yong mostly trapped in the sink. (Song Ouyang Xiu lingguan Chuan preface)

124. When the moon goes up, people may leave after dusk. (Song ZHU Shu Zhen-sheng Cha zi)

125. When the clothes were getting wider, I had no regrets. (Song Liuyong, fengqiwu)

126. Listening is clear, and credit is dark. (Song sianguang Zi Zhi Tong Jian)

127, from luxury into luxury, from luxury into the difficult. (Song sianguang, Miao shikang)

128 identify the rise and fall of past lives and test the current gains and losses. (Song sianguang Zi Zhi Tong Jian)

129. Sequential and progressive, well-read and refined. (Song ZhuXi's desire for reading)

130, ask which channel to clear such, for the source of live water. (Thoughts on Song Zhu Xi Guan Shu)

131, not afraid of the cloud to cover the eyes, only on the top of the body. (Song Wang Anshi Deng feifeng)

132. It looks like the most extraordinary, easy but difficult. (Song Wang Anshi)

133. The lotus root has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum residue is still proud. (Song Su Shi Dongjing)

134, do not know the true face of the mountains, just in this mountains. Song Su Shi's question Xilin wall)

135. Old books never get tired of reading back, so they read and think deeply about themselves. (Song Su Shi)

136. Bo Guan and about, thick and thin hair. (Song Su Shi)

137. I wish you a long life. (Song Su Shi's water diversion song)

138. People have joys and sorrows, and the moon is overcast and clear. (Song Su Shi's water diversion song)

139 life as a man and death as a ghost. (Song and Li Qingzhao Summer)

140. Things mean that people are not taking off all things. (Song and Li Qingzhao, Wuling spring)

141, do not lose soul modo, curtain volume west wind, people are thinner than yellow. (Song and Li Qingzhao are drunk)

142. Self-Drifting water, a kind of lovesickness, Two Idle worries. (Song and Li Qingzhao are like mengling)

143. If the two conditions are long, they will be in the twilight.
(Song Qinguan Magpie Bridge fairy)

144. There is no way to go back and forth. (Shanxi village, Song luyou)

145. No self-mourning in the village of the dead sleeper, still Si's rotation for the country. (Song luyou's November 4 storm)

146 a humble person has not dared to forget his country of sorrow.
(Song luyou is ill with Shu Huai)

147. the last word on the paper is superficial. (Song luyou winter night reading guide)

148. The Ancients learned nothing and started to work hard. (Song luyou)

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