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Recently, I want to find a single-page JavaScript Application Framework, instead of a simple toolkit + widget. Here is an introduction to yui3:

REFERENCE The Yui app framework is a rollup of the controller, model, model list, and view components, combined to form a simple MVC-style framework for writing single-page JavaScript applications.

Because I am already familiar with jquery, I want to build it with requirejs + backbone. The Lightweight Framework works with jquery plug-in and I don't want to learn Yui anymore. When I learned about backbone, I found that had a lot of very good code and almost wanted it. I was so excited! 2012.3.8.iteye
The following two resource list sets cannot be left blank. They list many articles and example projects. Many good projects are found on this basis.


The following is a comprehensive introduction. The combination of backbone and various advanced things includes restful and node. JS, express, Mongoose and MongoDB, requirejs text plugin, requirejs optimizer, mediator and facade patterns, testing backbone applications with Jasmine, and so on.


The following project makes me sigh: Why can't I find it only when I implement it? It demonstrates the division and loading usage of the requirejs module, which is exactly what I want, except for the test part and the following projects. Its todo example is also much better than the official todo example of backbone. The official demonstration of the backbone function is the most confusing one: how the router and view work with the project design, maybe the later version of gapvis and bookmarkly can bring some inspiration.


I think the entire framework can be like flex.


To say something like flex, we should also look at the design of the project below. The design is too good and object-oriented.


Https:// example uses Express
Https:// jackieuse slickgrid, so as to explain it
Https:// example uses Twitter Bootstrap. Some applications can use it for layout.

Backbone reference resources

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