Background dubug has value and SQL is printed out, but the front desk just can't find the data.

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Record the deepest fall in sturts2.

     PublicString Queryjoinaccount () {//the data used to store the pagingpagemap=NewHashmap<string, object>(); //query the corresponding data according to the keywords and paging parameters. This method we wrote in the service in order to complete the cascading queryList<category> categorylist=Categoryservice.queryjoinaccount (Model.gettype (), page, rows); /*here to begin troubleshooting//list<category> categorylist=new arraylist<category> ();        Category category1=new category ();  Category1.settype ("222222222");//Categorylist.add (CATEGORY1); */Pagemap.put ("Rows", categorylist);///stored as JSON format from the previous section of the JSON file can be seen, a key is total, a key is rows, where the rows are stored firstSystem.out.println ("-------" +Model.gettype ());//For (Category category:categorylist) {//categorylist.get (0). GetType ();//System.out.println ("xxxxxxx" +categorylist.get (0). GetType ());//        }SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("-----" +rows); //Query the total number of records by keywordLong total=Categoryservice.getcount (Model.gettype ()); Pagemap.put ("Total", total);//Store as JSON and store total.System.out.println ("+++++++++" +Total ); return"Jsonmap"; }

If the code on the debug background is also a value and MyEclipse console also print out the SQL

。 Easyui field fields and database names in the foreground are also consistent.

Inside the baseaction protected map<string,object> pagemap=null;

Because it is set only. So the data can't be checked out, plus the getter.

The cause of the pit is also mainly pagemap.put.

Second Getter Setter function is

One is the page to the Java parameter binding one is Java to page parameter binding

Background dubug has value and SQL is printed out, but the front desk just can't find the data.

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