Background thread (daemon thread)

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There is a thread that runs in the background, and its task is to provide services to other threads, which are called "Background threads" (Daemon thread), also known as "Daemon threads."

A typical background thread is the timer "timer" thread, which is responsible for sending a fixed interval of time to other threads.

Background threads are often used for aftercare at the end of a task. In addition, background threads have a lower priority than other threads.

A generic thread is called a "user thread" compared to a background thread. If only a background thread is running in an app, the JVM exits the application.

A normal thread can be set as a background thread through Setdaemon (Boolean D). The method Isdaemon () can be used to test whether a particular thread is a background thread.

Package Com.liujl.thread;public class Daemonthread extends thread{    @Override public    void Run () {while        ( true) {            System.out.println ("Daemonthread is running ...");}    ;        public static void Main (string[] args) {        daemonthread dt=new daemonthread ();    Dt.setdaemon (true);        Dt.start ();    }    /**     * Dt.setdaemon (TRUE), set the DT thread as the daemon thread, then call Start ();     * After the DT thread executes for a period of time, it will automatically exit, because the thread dispatcher is monitoring that only     * A background thread is running, it terminates the operation of the referencing program.     *      * The reader can remove the code from line 13th and run the reference again, at which point the application will run indefinitely.     */}


Background thread (daemon thread)

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