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I will explain it to you againThunderbirdThis article describes how to use ThunderbirdBackupAnd import files and data. See the following.

The configuration file for Thunderbird is in C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Thunderbird. There are three files, Profiles and profiles. ini and registry. dat, you never know the registry. what Is dat? in linux, there is no registry at the root. dat, it seems that registry. dat is also irrelevant.

Profiles contains the configuration file of Thunderbird and the email received. This is the main content of Thunderbird and the file to be backed up. There is a folder ending with. default in Profiles, such as rwsyamw0.default. This is the setting file of Thunderbird mail. To back up Thunderbird, you only need to save this folder to other places. If Thunderbird is installed, You can import the folder.

Profiles. ini is mainly used to set the file location for Thunderbird, that is, to set the previous Profiles location. For example, the default value is C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Thunderbird \ Profiles \ rwsyamw0.default, it indicates the path above which the mailboxes of Thunderbird are set. If we want to change the location of the mailbox settings of Thunderbird, We can modify it.

Profiles. ini file, path = path of your configuration file, change IsRelative to 0.

In general, it is easy to back up the configuration files and emails of Thunderbird and import them. For backup, you only need to copy the C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Thunderbird \ Profiles \ rwsyamw0.default folder to the backup location. To import the configuration file, you can directly use the following method to modify profiles. ini or use a graphical method. The operation steps are as follows:

Open cmd, cd to enter the installation path of thunderbird, and run thunderbird.exe-p to open the select Configuration File Dialog Box. Select "create configuration file" to select the previously backed up Profiles. Now, the mailbox configuration file of Thunderbird and the previously received emails are imported.

The above article is a bit unfamiliar. You can read it twice and hope it will be useful to everyone.

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