Backup-related dynamic performance views and monitoring

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2. View the server sessions for the channel

Using the SET command ID command

Query v$process and v$session to determine which session corresponds to the Rman channel

Sql> Select Sid,username,client_info from V$session

2 where client_info is not null;

SID USERNAME Client_info

---------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------

146 SYS Rman Channel=ora_disk_1

148 SYS Rman Channel=ora_disk_2

SYS Rman Channel=ora_disk_3

--The SET command ID commands are used below

Rman> run{

2> Allocate channel CH1 type disk;

3> set command ID to ' Rman ';

4> Backup as Copy datafile 4

5> format '/u01/app/oracle/rmanbak/dd_%u ';


Sql> Select Sid,username,client_info from V$session

2 where client_info is not null;

SID USERNAME Client_info

---------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------

Id=rman SYS

Sql> Select Sid,spid,client_info

2 from V$process p, v$session s

3 Where p.addr = S.paddr

4 and Client_info like '%id=% ';

SID SPID Client_info

---------- ------------ ------------------------------

5002 Id=rman

--View the full progress of Rman

Sql> Select Sid,serial#,context,sofar,totalwork,

2 round (sofar/totalwork*100,2) "% complete"

3 from V$session_longops

4 where opname like ' rman:% '

5 and Opname not like ' rman:aggregate% '

6 and Totalwork!=0;

--The SID and SPID information for the service process that Rman used to complete the backup operation is obtained by using the following SQL:

Select Sid, SPID, client_info

From V$process p, v$session s

where p.addr = S.paddr

and client_info like '%id=rman% '

Automatic backup of Rman under 3.Linux

Backup Script +crontab

Bak_inc0:0-level incremental backups, backed up by use-level increments per Sunday

Bak_inc1:1-level incremental backups, incremental backups per Wednesday, backup data changes from Sunday to Wednesday

Bak_inc2:2-level incremental backup, which backs up the difference increment that occurs daily. Differences from Monday to Tuesday, as from Sunday to Monday

--The following is the level increment of the script, the remaining level and the level Efaro, the difference is the backup level and tag tag

[email protected] scripts]$ cat BAK_INC0

Run {

Allocate channel CH1 type disk;

Backup as compressed Backupset incremental level 0

Format '/u01/oracle/bk/rmbk/incr0_%d_%u '

Tag ' day_incr0 '

Database plus archivelog Delete input;

Release channel CH1;


Test scripts individually

[Email protected] bk]$ Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc0.log/


rman> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7> 8> 9>

[Email protected] bk]$

Edit Crontab

[Email protected] ~]# WhoAmI


[Email protected] ~]# CRONTAB-E-U Oracle

* * 0 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc0.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC0.RCV

* * 1 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc2.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC2.RCV

* * 2 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc2.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC2.RCV

* * 3 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc1.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC1.RCV

* * 4 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc2.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC2.RCV

* * 5 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc2.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC2.RCV

* * 6 Rman target/log=/u01/oracle/bk/log/bak_inc2.log Append cmdfile =/U01/ORACLE/BK/SCRIPTS/BAK_INC2.RCV

"/tmp/crontab. Xxxxinbzgr "7L, 791C written

Crontab:installing New Crontab

Restart crontab after saving

[Email protected] ~]# service Crond restart

stopping Crond: [OK]

Starting Crond: [OK]

Check that automatic backups are executed successfully

Backup-related dynamic performance views and monitoring

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