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The establishment of the development environment is not introduced. Currently, bada can only be developed in windows.

Open the IDE, select create a Bada C ++ application project, and write the project name helloworld to create the first project.

Project Structure:

Now we will introduce each folder:

Schemdes is a virtual folder and a library running in Bada.

The/INC,/src folder stores the C ++ source code. h file of the project in the/INC folder, and. cpp in the/src folder.

/Home folder the file system of the Program (similar to the Home Directory of Linux), such as file creation, read/write, etc.

The/icons folder stores the icons used by the project. For example, you can create your own icons to replace some default program startup icons.

The/RES folder stores the resource files used by the application, such as the UI View File.

When the application is installed on the mobile phone, the/icons,/home,/RES folder will also be created on the mobile phone, but the content in/icon and/RES is read-only, the/home folder is readable and writable, but the permission is for this application.

There are two important files: application. xml and manifest. xml.
Application. xml declares the application name, description, version number, and Icon resource used by the application.
Manifest. XML declares the permissions required for application attributes such as key, ID, CPU type, heap size, screen size, sensor usage, and manifest developed on the Android platform. XML files have similar functions.
Next we will compile and run:
Compile: select project-> build project, or select the shortcut key of the hammer icon

Observe the project, and several files will be generated, such as the XML file of the UI under the res folder and
Helloword. htb and signature. XML files.
Run: Select Run-> Run as Bada simulator application or select the shortcut key.

The simulator starts faster than Android.

Now, let's take a look at the code for running the helloword project in the next article.

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