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Baidu on February 24 A new round of updates, this distance from the February 22 Baidu data changes only a day, although Baidu revised data on February 23, still caused by the vast number of webmaster and SEO extensive attention.

1. Snapshot Update:

Snapshots of the week-wide rise from February 9 to around February 17, the overnight snapshot of the remaining overnight snapshots, in the 18th, 19th snapshots stalled to be "released", most have continued to follow the snapshot.

2. The website is included.

Site overall collection of reduction (see data or most of the increase), that is because Baidu removed a part of the old page, but also included a new page. such as stone crusher although there are new pages included, but the overall is down. 18th before the site is good, still included good, but the overall collection of difficulties become larger, and strengthen the history of the page inspection.

Baidu This period of time the biggest change is to strengthen the history of the processing of pages, the number of pages with access and considerable weight of the page will be updated to the snapshot, and even update the cache, making these pages look like "just published page". Obviously, this algorithm still has a certain problem, because Baidu most of the pages are updated date, and did not accurately distinguish which is the flow. At the same time, some of the flow of the page as a whole still have advantages.

This collection of changes, may be the future of the SEO work has an important impact. Looking at this picture above, we can easily find that this article is December 24, 2010, the snapshot date is 2-3, in fact, he also experienced many days in January. Obviously this snapshot update is the new mechanism of Baidu, and has been carried out for a long time.

A site is included in the situation

The above figure, you can also find that the bonus of about 80% of the article snapshot date is within one months, but in fact the last one months of the article included in the number is absolutely less than 20%, or even less.

3. Outside chain change

After the last Baidu changes, we can also find that the outside of the chain is usually found that the "cloud", only a high degree of correlation outside the chain has significance.

4. Change in ranking

After each update ranking there will be some back to the home page or the first 2 pages, but will soon be updated by others to shuffle. In short, the overall change is not small, but the opportunity of the new station or not, the old station or the old domain name of the station is still very advantageous.

Experience sharing

Suddenly found: Zhengzhou Zip index is still very high, but as long as the Zhengzhou accurate address, the postcode is only 450000, can be prepared to send. and the word search volume is not very high, after all, the number of mail has been worse than before, this is a strange phenomenon.

Now search Zhengzhou seo, unexpectedly have a related item is ENPA song Zhengzhou seo, how come out? I am really curious, is there someone who my name test brush related search software?

Zhengzhou SEO Search Related items picture


Waiting for someone to tell me the truth!

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