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Baidu updated last week, no doubt, Baidu in the adjustment of its search mechanism, algorithm, database, weight distribution mechanism, unknown. No matter how the change, pregnant with worry. Do stand for more than a year, has been accustomed to such storms Baidu. Sometimes think Google is more cordial. However, in China, we have to learn to adapt to Baidu.

Today, several times last week to summarize the update, from the search under the adjustment of Baidu algorithm after some changes. I hope the webmaster has inspired. (Note: The following is a personal summary of the study, some of the findings before the announcement, some places have not been recognized, scoffed at.) Here to say, SEO is not a regular thing, every day in the change, as long as the technology, you need to delve into, I not only want to tell you my summary, more importantly, I hope you learn a way to analyze the problem.

First of all, November Baidu many times, the capricious big update, after each stationmaster forum preliminary statistics, may obtain the following result.

1. The majority of the old site is down the right, the problem site is also down the right, the performance of the outstanding problem is, the keyword ranking drop, one is the target keyword, followed by the long tail keyword, the decline of different combinations. The most miserable is that the large volume of the site overall drop, cups.

2. Most of the sites included a significant reduction in the number. Included and outreach is closely related to the chain changes are also obvious.

3. Snapshots rise, generally to the latest or within a week

4. After the update, the flow is not stable, the flow within a week has a rise and drop

Algorithm research:

1. Baidu to the problem of the site clean-up efforts to increase. Why the old station will also drop the right, why the more old station will be made to die? Why is the ranking of the new station rather good? What is a problem site?

Baidu front-end time released Baidu search engine Optimization guide, which clearly said in line with the search engine site some of the characteristics, that is, to do in line with Baidu SEO site. And if you follow this rule to rank. This problem will arise. Old station because of the long time to build the station, in the early days has formed the current Web site architecture, then the SEO technology is certainly not as popular and perfect now, and the new station, in the current SEO technology so popular, will be mainly to the optimization rules.

So, after this adjustment, the old station instead was down right, because it does not conform to the SEO code, the new station more in line with the Baidu SEO specifications. Use this truth, also can explain, why the station group will appear repeatedly, let Baidu element hand without policy. Station group SEO can not be said to be perfect, at least is very fashionable SEO technology.

For such an algorithm, be down the right webmaster should do what? I think it is slowly rectification site, can not be changed, every month from the details of the start, slowly change. SEO is a trend, certainly not change, if the light is waiting for Baidu adjustment, you must lag behind, is restricted.

2. Baidu added a probationary period to site changes. The right to drop is the search engine's means of investigation. In the right time, the rectification site, but also the search engine to give you the opportunity. So how long is this time, I think it is related to your adjustment. Updated, the right to drop the site, as long as the normal time to update and send out the chain of the site, have different degrees of recovery. Silently waiting, most of the previous state. Website down right, must not give up, and must move up.

3. The quality of the article is more demanding. Google's strategy for similar articles and similar websites is not to exclude similar articles and websites, but the weights are not high. Baidu This adjustment, to the article also has the very big influence. Always said that the article to original, how to survive the collection station? Baidu This included the reasons for the reduction, with the article quality adjustment, first clean the database, too many similar articles deleted, and then a small collection, filter article page. As for what strategy to take, should be added to the article matching mechanism, remains to be seen.

There is also a phenomenon, Baidu's own products occupy the home page. This situation was seldom seen before and is now often found. Explain the impact of the article page weight on the rankings. Baidu product weight High, even if you use a domain name to do, but also ranked a Baidu know, this situation in the article page weight is affected by many aspects. The top-level domain name does not necessarily make the keyword. Time, the weight of the outside chain accounted for a greater proportion of the component.

4. The new station fluctuates a lot. New station is included fast, but the key word fluctuation is big. Found in front of you are new stations. Must be very helpless. Don't be discouraged, a few days, a week, you will be in a position to stay in place, or rise. The station in front of you must have changed a lot.

5. The source of the outer chain. Outside the chain source more can determine the weight, how to obtain high-quality outside the chain, is now stationmaster more to think. The outside chain of the collection station, the outside chain of inquiry station, as well as the outside chain of the forum message are already outdated.

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