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A few days ago, online for Baidu on June 22 and June 28 to a large number of sites to reduce the collection, and even the behavior of the K station noisy uproar. Baidu finally released today on the 6.22 and 6.28 events announcement: "For the low quality site measures have been in force." The announcement said that in order to improve the user experience, as early as June 21 late Baidu has gradually updated the algorithm. This update is mainly aimed at "not designed for the end user, just to get traffic from the search engines," the low quality site in search results show more of the situation in the control.

Here is Baidu official announcement about the 6.22 and 6.28 events:

measures for low quality sites have been in effect

Dear Webmaster:

Hello everyone.

The recent online discussion of the 6.22 and 6.28 events, we feel it necessary to explain what happened.

In order to enhance the search experience of Baidu users, the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem, we have recently updated some of the anti-cheating strategy and characteristics, these strategies in the evening of June 21 gradually came into effect. This update for the low quality site in search results show more of the situation was controlled; low-quality site refers to: No original, or pseudo original (very little original content, a lot of content or machine generated/modified content); This site is not designed for end users, but only to get traffic from the search engine.

For well-known reasons, we are unable to provide details of the policy for this update.

In our assessment, this upgrade will affect 5% of the search traffic. For the average user: The search experience will be upgraded, and the affected query will have a higher quality and more authoritative result than before, and for the webmaster who provides high-quality, original resources, you will get more traffic from Baidu because we have lowered or even eliminated the rankings of low quality sites.

Although our strategy has reached a very high rate of accuracy, but there is still a case of accidental injury, if you are sure that your site was incorrectly handled, please feedback through the Http:// channel. Although we can not respond to the feedback, but for each of the online feedback, will be carefully analyzed, and the results of the analysis will be reflected in the next upgrade.

Here, reiterated Baidu's position: to provide users with high-quality results, to ensure the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem, so we encourage original quality content (meaning more flow returns), for cheating/low quality content will not be tolerated. We'll keep updating the entire sorting system to make sure it stands right.

The update is the beginning of a series of projects, after the Baidu anti-cheating strategy and data major updates, will be through the Webmaster Platform Bulletin; Goodbye soon.

Baidu Web search anti-cheating team

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